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This is a page for characters who work for the local, state or national, government or public services. This is not the page for listing military service; that page is found here. Feel free to add departments or categories (in alphabetical order) as needed.


Mayor's Office

The Mayor themselves is an NPC position.

City Council

Dewey Dumas - Councilman of the 3rd District (Missing)

Easton Cavanaugh - Councilman of the 2nd District

Tanya Li - Councilwoman of the 6th District

Economic Development

Emergency Services (see Law)


Alejandro Santos - Janitor, Fallcoast Library Main Branch

Park Services

Avata Kovacs - Night Security and Caretaker, Meadow Park, Pigeon Hill

Port Commission

Public Health

Albert - Public Health Inspector


Vital Statistics

Aislinn Joshi - Records and Research Clerk (Deceased)


Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Nathan Zheng - Wildlife Biologist

Eydis Volkov - Gamewarden