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““What do you know about anything? You probably had your bread buttered on both sides since the day you were born.””

– Joe Sullivan from Raw Deal


Locally born, locally screwed by the system of checks and balances in the universe, the oldest of three brothers raised by a single mom. Dad bailed for his mom's best-friend moving out to cally, without ever a second look back, so he had to step up and break out of school at age 13 to get a job, and well help take care of them. Got up to nothing but trouble for a bit, and then Sullivan took him under his wing, a local Pi as a informant. He bonded quickly with the man and started to work more and more, now taking over the office a year ago after he retired to Florida, seeking sin and sun.

RP Hooks
  • PI-I look into things you may wish were false.
  • Psychic-I'm good at reading people, it is my gift.
  • Local-Did not get through high school, had to work for my family.
  • Fae-What the fuck...this shit is new.
The Rolodex

Gordan.notright.jpg Gordan 2.jpg Tumblr o0c8hkZlHF1qgnns4o2 500.gif

Gordan Smith
Gordan cover.jpg
Date of Birth: 02 Jan 1996
Apparent Age: 21
Occupation: PI
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Bogeyman

Through Fire- Stronger

Trio- Private Eye

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Hammer Time