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Giovanni Stalosi

“Sincerity - if you can fake that, you got it made.”
George Burns

Date of Birth: 04/01/1987
Apparent Age: 30
Occupation: Psychic/Grifter
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Greed


Things go bump in the night for a lot of people in Fallcoast, but for few people does the irony approach the level Gio faces.

He was a (fake) medium, separating widows from their husbands' pensions in exchange for communications with their loved ones' "afterlives", for Tarot readings, for nothing worth mentioning. So imagine Gio's shock when a real ghost shows up to one of his seances.

Now he can't get rid of them, and he's in Fallcoast looking for answers.

Background Summary

You know what the best scam is? Psychics. Pretending to get in touch with people's dead loved ones for the low low price of whatever they can afford. Why? Because they come to you. Because they want to be scammed. Because they give you everything you need to trick them, and then tip you on the way out. I did it for years, getting people to answer their own questions, then convincing them that I was the one with all the answers. Drifting from city to city, staying one step ahead of the YouTube fraud-busters. I'm more careful now. Or, I had gotten more careful. Until a new problem surfaced.

I actually started seeing dead people. Creepy, terrifying ghosts. Nice ghosts. Loud ghosts. Distracting ghosts. Makes it real hard to keep my attention on the world on the living, you know? I started learning a few rules, but there's a city with a reputation for the creepy. For the paranormal. And while I'm not real excited to head to ground zero, if there's anywhere with the people who will know more about what comes next, it'll probably be there.


Ish - Man on a mission. Not sure why he likes me so much, but maybe that's not important.
Rictus and Kilo - These two are fucking insane. Apparently this deck has 2 Fools.
Toyah - I've never had a boss before. It's not as bad as I thought.
Isreal - Class, confidence, and connections. What's not to love?
Kylee - Having a boss is weird. Having a cop friend is really, really weird.

Visible Stats

Stat: Empathy (Cold Reads) ••••
Stat: Manipulation ••••
Stat: Presence •••

RP Hooks

I See Dead People - Gio sees ghosts, all the time, want to or no. He is desperately searching for answers. If you're a ghost, have a ghost ally, or are ghost-aware and Gio has a way to find you, he really wants to get in touch!

The Unquiet Dead - While he's out for himself in his mission to understand his new abilities, Gio is also keen to silence the phantoms in the areas he frequents. And, while not Gio isn't the softest or kindest man around, a few of the sadder spirits can tug at even his heartstrings. If you have a loved one that needs to be laid to rest, or you're curious why a newcomer to town showed up at the graveyard with 17 bouquets, and has no trouble locating the very specific graves he wishes to decorate, Gio might perk your interest.

On The Radar - Gio is only recently an authentic medium, but he spent years playing the part. If you're the kind of person who watches for new psychics, or you're the type of person who kept tabs on the frauds for any reason, you may recognize Gio.

Echoes Through Time - The parade of the dead isn't the only power Gio has manifested. His Tarot is now eerily accurate, and his postcognitive routine has even him convinced. If you need a reading on something, Gio's always happy to help. Assuming you can pay, of course.

Delivery Man - Need something transported? Or acquired? Dicretely or otherwise? Gio might know a guy who knows a guy, and he pays finders' fees as well.


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