Gina Hernandez

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Gina Hernandez

Played By: Ariela Barer
Date of Birth: October 14, 1998
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Cowardice

Threshold: Forgotten
Archetype: Advocate
Geist: Ghost in the Machine
Krewe: None

Beck - E-Pro

See me comin' to town
With my soul
Straight down out of the world
With my fingers
Holdin' onto
The devil I know
All my troubles'll
Hang on your trigger
Take your eyes and your mind
From the road
Shoot your mouth
If you know where you're aimin'
Don't forget to pick up
What you sow
Talkin' trash
To the garbage around you


Regina Maria Hernandez - who prefers to go by 'Gina' - is currently a Computer Science student at St. John's University. A transplant from LA, she lives in the dorms there and quietly goes about her Sin-Eater business mostly solo.

RP Hooks
  • Sin-Eater: Gina died and then she came back. That was in 2012.
    • Ghost in the Machine: Gina's Geist, Ghost in the Machine, is curiously modern. A plane's instruments malfunction, causing it to go down. GPS tells you to make a turn that isn't there. The police officer should have gotten a call, but the radio didn't work properly. IT was working on the security cameras and they were rebooting when the shooter came onto the premises. We grow increasingly reliant on technology every day, and sometimes, it fails us.
    • Forgotten: She reads as one of the Forgotten, victims of chance.
    • Advocate: Gina is dedicated to helping ghosts resolve their issues.
  • Time Out Arcade (D02): The Sin-Eater hangout over in Eastland Mall. Gina is fond of the place.
  • Student: She attends St. John's University and lives in the dorms. Do you have a class with her? Have you seen her on campus? Let's be in a nerdy club together.
    • Computer Science: I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.
  • Hacker: Dammit, no.
  • Lab Rat: Gina works at St. John's Hospital in the labs. She cleans a lot of bottles and does blood tests. It's very glamourous.
  • Nerd: Star Trek? Yes. Star Wars? Yes. Manga and comics? Yes and yes. Science? YES.
  • Library: The best thing about the library is you can borrow a bunch of stuff and never have to pay for it while still being a law-abiding citizen.
  • Sewing: Gina likes to make her own clothes, favouring old patterns from earlier eras coupled with modern prints. She keeps an old sewing machine in her dorm room.


Gina is a round-faced young Latinx woman standing 5'4" tall. She has shoulder length purple hair and often sports nerdy granny glasses, even going so far as to wear them on one of those little necklace things like an old person, even though she is probably not even old enough to drink.

Gina kind of does her own thing, fashion-wise, if the big round glasses with the clear frames weren't enough indication. She often wears lipstick in a vibrant shade of pink. It's entirely possible she shops in thrift stores or even makes her own clothing - very little she wears is off the rack. She is sturdy and will probably never be slender. She seems okay with that.

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