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“I am gone quite mad with the knowledge of accepting the overwhelming number of things I can never know, places I can never go, and people I can never be.”

– Sylvia Plath


xxxxxThe oldest daughter of Sarah and Michael Roark, Kenzi became a topic of some renown in the early 90s when he mother kidnapped her and left the family, including her younger daughter alone at home. As weeks gave way to months, pleas for her return in the media faded and the family brought it up infrequently in public. Kenzi came back into the news in 2004 when she and her mother were found in Massachusetts. Her mother placed into a psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts, Kenzi was reunited with her family and returned to Fallcoast.

xxxxxWhere her sister, Tia, was more a trouble maker in school, Kenzi (Gertrude to her friends) was a model student. Polite, helpful, quiet and prone to popular school activities and tutoring, a perfect Stepford child right down to her bland, pristine manner of dress. While she was known and liked by many, always willing to listen and help anyone, few would say they knew her well or a lot about her, but being such a "goody-two shoes" most would say they didn't think there was much under the surface anyways. Gifted and intelligent, she did get a bit of a reputation of being a bit distracted, but this was mostly chalked up to her intelligence and heavy school extra circulars.

xxxxxAfter graduating in the top 5 of class, she left for MIT where she excelled and obtained both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, her thesis on multiple-world theory breaking some interesting new ground. She's recently returned to Fallcoast and is teaching courses at the University in the physics department.

RP Hooks
  • She was a polite, helpful Stepford student that made teachers happy and most cool students gag. Perhaps she helped tutor you in school, or you were in one club or another with her or maybe she made you sick with her good act.
  • She's not as much a goody-two shoes as people though in school. Perhaps you were one of the very few who caught her when she wasn't so pristine?
  • She's a Proximus and has been in the know since she was 16, involved with The Mysterium, did she work on something with you there or bump into you in those circles?
  • Are you at the university and looking for an advisor or a teacher?

Some Subsection TBD in the future

  • Stuff will go here when I figure out what to add...
A Section

As yet unused - to be added to in the future.

  • Fin Somewhere beyond friend but not family (which is a positive really).
  • Tia Younger Sister.

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Kenzi "Gertrude" Roark
Date of Birth: June 8, 1990
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Occupation: Physics Professor
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Gluttony

Dynasty: Everetts (Mastigos)
Order: Mysterium
Cabal: None Yet

Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes

There's blood in my mouth cause I've been biting my tongue all week
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