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Geists of Fallcoast

xxxxxThis page is for listing the Geists players have made. Due to the theme and mechanics of the game often these amazing beings that have been created are never seen. So here is a gallery for your OOC enjoyment of the monsters within on Fallcoast, and as a resource for new players to help design their own. Players are encouraged to add their own Geist. Please keep things in alphabetical order.

xxxxxGeists of Inactive or deceased players can be found here.


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  • Sin-Eater: Name
  • DOD:
  • Threshold:
  • Keys:
  • Keystone:
  • Aspect:

Alba Maria Espina D'Cruz ('Mom')

xxxxxSeeming to loosely represent the old Mexican legends of La Llorona, it's not clear whether this Geist inspired the myth, or the other way around. The facts are scant, but it's certainly true that Alba was a mentally ill woman who drowned her own children in a fit of rage to spite a faithless husband, before drowning herself in despair and regret.

xxxxxShe doesn't let on any of this to the orphan boy Vandal of course, allowing him to believe she's the ghost of his own mother, sent down to watch over him like a guardian angel. Which she does, in a strange sort of way. She does her best to keep Vandal isolated and dependent upon her for love and support, desperate to recreate the bond she lost when she murdered her own children.

xxxxxStill hounded by the feelings of despair and regret that drove her to suicide so many years ago, and no more mentally stable than she was in life, Alba is nevertheless driven to protect the weak and the innocent and to punish those who would prey on them. Orphans, especially, draw her attention, as she struggles in vain to make amends for her crimes.

xxxxxA beautiful woman in life, the mother's form is permanently waterlogged and dripping onto her surroundings. Long dark hair is caught up with strands of seaweed and hangs in matted, dripping tendrils that extend to her waist. Her eyes are dark and hollow and a steady stream of bitter tears cascade down pale cheeks. She's wearing a nightgown, pure white and pristine save for a single, bloody tear across her belly, which appears swollen and pregnant. The wound itself constantly gushes saltwater. Around her wrists and ankles are tied fraying lengths of rope that cut into her skin, leaving bloody welts.

  • Sin-Eater: Vandal
  • DOD: Unknown
  • Threshold: Stricken
  • Keys: Passion & Tear Stained
  • Keystone: Buster the Bear
  • Aspect: Suicide by Drowning

The Anonymous

The Anonymous.jpg
xxxxxA simple who lived a simple life. Nothing special about him. He died in a fire along with many other victims. The accident was buried and thought long forgotten. The man came back as Geist though, as has long sought out a certain kind of bargain and a certain kind of person to fulfill it. Some say it has always been a Reaper.

xxxxx Its true appearance is always hidden in shadow and by a mask and a cloak. Some say that even when the mask is gone, all that is there is shadow and fire, though none really know for sure. When it speaks, it's voice sounds as if it has been modified to be masked, through some kind of static electronics. There is always a feeling of heat and darkness.

xxxxx It stands for the forgotten, those that died unjust deaths, those that should have gotten second chances, or those that have run out. Electing itself as judge, jury, and executioner of things in the world that must be judged, and in equal parts, saviour of those that can be saved.

  • Sin-Eater: Damian
  • DOD: 18th Century.
  • Threshold: Forgotten
  • Keys: Flame-Pyre, Stillness
  • Keystone: Mask of the Forgotten
  • Aspect: Unjust Death

The Bloody Nurse

xxxxxA nurse that lived in the early 20th century and worked together with the mob, under the tutulage of a Doctor with a rather warped sense of right or wrong. Her goal in life was to help and cure the ails of people, but a rival mob family that set the hospital on fire and executed her to set an example, put an end to that.
  • Sin-Eater: Yoo Mi Yeo
  • DOD: 19th Century.
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Stigmata, Industrial
  • Keystone: Scalpel
  • Aspect: Violent end through good means

The Butcher

xxxxxHarrold Malone was wrongly accused of the murder of three children. Found in his butcher-shop, he was hung on his own meat hooks and stabbed to death with his own knives by the majority of the town.

Motivation: Vengeance, bloody vengeance. A swath of red drawn from those who falsely accuse, or point fingers. Especially driven to right the wrongs done against children or the wrongfully punished. The former butcher now whispers terrifying recipes for Benicio to try - the meat source is the kicker.

Appearance: The Butcher is a gaunt figure, emaciated and almost starved looking save for the taut and corded muscle winding up its mostly naked torso; a thick leather apron hangs from its neck, bloodied and with bits of dried ichor and guts. Its skin is black as pitch - withered away and frost bitten to the texture of licorice. Chains pierce its shoulders, and thread through flesh to end in meat hooks, and dangling on either side of its body. No face, only the shape of a head and two blank staring white eyes, the mouth and nose and ears simply non-existent. Flesh stops altogether just after the elbows, from those stumps grows bone and steel that takes the shape of two wicked looking blades.

  • Sin-Eater: Benecio
  • DOD: Unknown
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Passion, Industrial
  • Keystone: The Butcher's Cleaver
  • Aspect: Mob Violence

Captain Lee Stormshackle

xxxxxOnce a captain for the British Navy, Captain Lee entered into piracy, hailing out of St.Kitts. Many years, the Caribbean and throughout the Atlantic, Stormshackle was a terror to

shipping lanes and commerce. He came to a timely end during a battle off the coast of Bermuda, his ship sinking in flames. It is said that he took a cannonball to the chest and was seen, gripping the rail as his ship sank into the depths.

The Captain thrives on adventure at the high seas. He does enjoy a bit of violence, wishing to dole it out but also pushing life to the limit out at sea, seeing how far man and ship can go together. Captain Stormshackle appears as a thick bearded black haired pirate. Wearing a thick seacoat, a tricorner hat that he took off a Navy captain, shirt of blood red and a peg leg. Wrapped around him are the chains that were used to tear him asunder.

  • Sin-Eater: Molly
  • DOD: October 15, 1719
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Primeval and Industrial
  • Keystone: Stormshackle's Colors
  • Aspect: Death at sea

The Clipper

xxxxxNot much is known about the Geist that has taken on the moniker of The Clipper other than sometime in the late dark ages of Europe an assassin that was known as The Clipper raised in fame and infamy. The stories took on near mythical proportions in some circles as it was said he was a demon or sorcerer as the feats he accomplished were impossible for any normal man. To solidify this image of being more than a man, The Clipper created a network of spy's and assassins that all attributed their work to The Clipper. It was that same network that turned on him and assassinated the master assassin. Since that time the Geist known as The Clipper had made bargains with other Sin-Eaters that he used to continue to bring about death in his favored form.
xxxxxThe Clipper appears as a tall, slender and weirdly stretched out man that has arms that are to long for his body. Its human in its basic overall shape with hands that end in long, razor sharp claws. In its entirety its form seems to be made of dark and shadowy plasm caked with dried blood. Its face is indistinct and over its head a floats a crown of bright red blood that flows and moves to keep the crown like shape.
  • Sin-Eater: Seth Corvo
  • DOD: Unknown
  • Threshold: The Torn
  • Keys: Stillness and Stigmata-Key
  • Keystone: The Clipper's Visage
  • Aspect: Assassinations

Doctor Carthage

xxxxx...real name unknown, appears as a tall, thin man whose features are blurred as though being seen through an opium or hypnotically induced haze. What are clear are his piercing blue eyes - inquisitive, searching, aware, cold...and perhaps a little insane - and his voice. Even though he has some kind of European accent his English words are carefully enunciated and clear. There are no contractions used and barely any slang. His calming tone is heavy with knowledge and wisdom though he never condescends.

xxxxxThe 'good' doctor is interested in death in all its various forms. The 'why' and 'how' fascinate him, especially with respect to its randomness. Death should have order. It should be for a reason. His own death, not that he remembers, was an accident, an ironic end to one so fascinated in bringing order and justice to the chaos. By 'assisting' Kate, he is trying to bring logic and sense to bear on the world of death - though his justice may be a little different than hers. He is a Geist of Order.

xxxxxDoctor Carthage's journal is a small leather-bound book packed with additional loose pages and tied closed with a black ribbon. The inner front page is dedicated to 'My companion in life: Katherine Torres'. The rest of the pages are covered in small words written in some coded secret language known only to the Doctor. Accompanying the text is the occasional hand drawn image of bodies and/or parts with a variety of wounds described. There are also drawings of exposed brains labelled with the strange words. It seems to be some kind of medical or psychiatric diary filled to the brim with knowledge accumulated over the lives of the original Doctor and the Sin-Eaters he has bonded with since. The Doctor continues to make notes in the book.

  • Sin-Eater: Kate
  • DOD: 1930s
  • Threshold: Forgotten
  • Keys: Industrial, Phantasmal
  • Keystone: Dr Carthage's Notebook
  • Aspect: Ordered Death

The Drowned Knight

xxxxxHis name has long since been forgotten, and stricken from records. After a tryst with his lord's wife he was sentenced to be drowned, still clad in his armor. His stirrings after that are unknown save taking bargains with any that would be drowned in the same lake. At some point during the 1700s he found his way to the Americas along with his Sin-Eater until that one eventually left the mortal coil. Despite being so far from his long-forgotten homeland The Drowned Knight still possesses a keen affinity to water, and any that meet their demise below the waves.

xxxxxThe Drowned Knight always appears in armored as if nothing more signifies its existence. While it may have been pristine at one point in history it looks to be in a dreadful state. Its armor is covered in barnacles, and tainted with the same hues of blue he drowned in. The helmet has been perverted to a semblance of a stag's head, likely a reference to its former heraldry when living.

  • Sin-Eater: Jonathan
  • DOD: Late 1300s
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Primeval, Tear-Stained
  • Keystone: The Barnacled Blade
  • Aspect: Punishment by Drowning


xxxxxBefore complex speech could easily and readily convey thoughts and desires, a man existed as part of a hunting party. Clothed in the skins of many successful kills, he stalked the mighty wooly mammoths and competed with the cunning sabre-tooth tigers that roamed the lands. He was a prodigious hunter, able to run faster, leap further, and hide longer than any homo sapien that walked the same ground. He lead the other members of his tribe successfully, navigating the valleys and mountains and glaciers where they made their home. It wasn't until one fateful day that the man ever knew fear, the avalanche of a nearby mountain crushing his tribe and leaving him alone to wander the ridges. He wandered for many moons, looking for a safe way to descend the sheer cliffs upon which he was stranded. Even though he was the best climber of his tribe, or of any other tribe he had encountered, the cliff face before him was so daunting it gave him pause. Eventually, he managed to find a path that he felt he could attempt. He began his descent, with only his calloused hands and feet to guide him down. It took him many more moons to make his way down, the man understanding that even though his limbs burnt like fire, he had to hold on against all odds. If he remained on the ridge, he would die of starvation, and climbing down was the only course of action he could take that would lead him to safety.

xxxxxDespite his best efforts, after five days and five nights of climbing down the face of the cliff, his body gave out on him. No longer able to grasp onto the stone, he fell the remainder of the way down, shattering many of his bones and mangling his legs beyond repair. Even though the fall should have killed him, his will to live was strong. He gazed up at the night sky, watching as the beautiful rivers of light slithered around like shimmering snakes. It was during that serendipitous moment staring up at the sky that the man realized he hadn't eaten anything since the avalanche...over one full moon cycle ago. Out of the corner of his vision he saw movement. Broken and bleeding, the man decided that if it was the last thing he did, he would find what caused the movement and eat it. Pulling himself along the ground, it wasn't long before he encountered an animal. Unfortunately for the man the animal happened to be a dire-wolf, who bit into his leg and dragged him towards the cave, where the pack of starving dire-wolves feasted upon his flesh.

xxxxxFor thousands of years, Gnaw has been around, picking up tricks with each new Sin-Eater that makes the Bargain. Now joined with it's most recent host Deckard, it plans to continue seeking out the feast it was denied, so, so long ago.

  • Sin-Eater: Deckard
  • DOD: 190,000 B.C.
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Cold Wind, Grave Dirt
  • Keystone: Expectation, the River of Fenrir's Salivation
  • Aspect: Insatiable Hunger

The Gossamer Maiden

xxxxxA Geist devoted to coldness, lust and mystery, the Gossamer Maiden could well have been a femme fatale from the 1920s if she hadn't died centuries before that time. She's a wispy, watery creature in what might have been a long ballroom gown if it didn't look like spiderwebs. Her being has warped and twisted so much that Rezart does not know her date of death, and the Maiden isn't telling him. She's so driven to drag people down, in fact, that they tend to argue and conflict about their purpose. They have a cool, reserved and detached understanding, however, that they must learn from ghosts the secrets that they can't learn by themselves.

xxxxxRezart had to travel to a few different states to find the topaz bracelet that represents the Maiden. It has a threshold of Prey, which fits her fury, which sometimes feels like a tornado. The Keystone shares the Persuasion skill, which Rezart practices in respect to his Geist. The Maiden had worn the topaz bracelet in her death, but whether it was the cause or a coincidence or a treasure of hers, he has no idea.

  • Sin-Eater: Rezart
  • DOD: 1750s? 1760s? The Maiden's enigmatic.
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Passion, Tear-Stained
  • Keystone: Topaz Bracelet
  • Aspect: Drowning While Screaming


xxxxxGrandpère takes those who have been killed by blood relations; it seems like a weird thing to get assists for, but Grandpère has worked out a system with the mortal thaumaturges of the Awolowo family line. He claims to be their ancestor. While that may be true, Grandpère has not been human in a very, very long time. He is possessive. This family belongs to him. They are his, and he will merge with them, one by one, until he tires of an individual. Until he wants to occupy a youthful body. And once he's taken root, he will whisper to them, tell them that he knows best, and slowly erode their independence. He is family, after all, and you should listen to your elders. Grandpère is the eldest of all.

xxxxxGrandpère serves himself first. He is abusive and he drives his Bound to be abusive as well, to use others for power and comfort. He prefers to be Bound to someone who will use their union for personal gain - a Bonepicker is ideal, but Grandpère also thirsts for knowledge and power, so he's fine with a Necromancer, too. He wants his Bound to survive, unless he's tired of them or they've gone batshit crazy, in which case, he probably has a backup somewhere.

  • Sin-Eater: Olivia
  • DOD: 1600s
  • Threshold: Forgotten
  • Keys: Industrial, Passion
  • Keystone: Ceremonial Knife
  • Aspect: Death by Blood Relation

Hunting Laughter

Hunting Laughter.jpg
xxxxxHunting Laughter is an old, old Geist. Dating back to before humans decided to settle down on farms and grow plants and raise animals. He was a young hunter, eager to prove himself to the others of his clan. The winter was harsh and food was running scarce. So, he braved the winter wilds in order to find something to eat. However, food was scarce for everything, and what he sought to hunt was soon hunting him.

xxxxxWeak and starving, the beasts didn't have the energy to bring down the human, but they didn't have to. The cold was doing their job for them. A storm rolled in and the young hunter was caught away from shelter. As he slowly froze to death, the animals circled. He fended them off with the only weapon he was strong enough yet to use, his knife. Eventually the cold stilled him enough for the starving beasts to move in. It wasn't the cold that killed him, but it numbed the pain as the hungry animals tore him apart.

xxxxxHunting Laughter seeks those brave enough to face death to test themselves. Those with nothing left to lose. At least until they are staring death in the eyes. Then he comes to them, offering them another path. Never with words, but his intent is clear: Me or Death. Even after forming the bond he continues to push his Bound to continue to test themselves and push their limits. Survival of the Fittest is all there is. Eventually they all fail.

xxxxxAfter his initial appearance to those he would form a bond with, he is loath to show himself directly. Preferring to lurk in the shadows and in the corner of the eye. But he rarely remains quiet for long when he wants attention. He doesn't speak, but cackles like a hyena or jackal, making his desires known through animalistic noises and sharp twinges of emotion. When he can be seen his form is mostly human, though his head is that of a large, slavering, predatory animal. His body is torn and shredded by claws and teeth, in some places held together by tendon and sinew, but none of the wounds bleed.

  • Sin-Eater: Fitz
  • DOD: ~10,000 BCE
  • Threshold: The Prey
  • Keys: Primeval, Cold-Wind
  • Keystone: The Flint Knife
  • Aspect: Survival of the Fittest

Judge Styx

xxxxxThe Judge appears a broken, gaunt man, twisted and ugly with hate and consumed with bitterness. His body is twisted and misshapen and the sound of bone grinding against bone can be heard with every move. His rictus grin, top hat, fine golden suit, and viper topped walking stick strike a dapper look despite the dried blood covering his eyes, mouth and trailing down from his ears.

xxxxxThe judge is obsessed with heroes killing villains. The wrongfully accused putting down the corrupt police and prosecutor sets him to gleefully crooning disturbing verse of his own design. While he has a special place in his undead heart for corrupt public servants, any violent death where the good guy ends a bad guy satisfies him.

xxxxxJudge Styx uses Marek to keep people out of jail. In jail, there are no good guys. Only on the streets will the bad have a chance to find a hero. Only free will the innocent have a chance to find their revenge. Marek's disgust for the police, hope to make the system work better and ability as a lawyer helps the two find a way to coexist relatively peacefully. The Judge berates him sometimes for not being a clear hero and doing what needs to be done personally, but with every case he wins, another hero or villain has a chance to emerge.

  • Sin-Eater: Marek
  • DOD: 1920's
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Passion and Phantasm
  • Keystone: The Viper's Stick
  • Aspect: Heroes Killing Villains

Last Kiss Goodnight

Last Kiss Goodnight.jpg
xxxxxSweetest deception and whispered promises, all those things that one wants to hear, wants to believe. The revenge that one doesn't see coming, the petals that conceal the toxin within. She is motivated by the urge to deceive, to get under one's skin, into one's veins, and then to the heart, to the brain, to spread throughout the organs, and once she has a hold -- to make them stop. She is the fever dream, setting the skin afire, the mind ablaze as her toxin takes hold. It's only a matter of time. In life, more than one engagement ended in mysterious ailments followed by death, until she too met her own demise.

xxxxxShe appears as the sweetest of poisons, a beautiful woman surrounded by a miasma that smells of sweetness and death, hair wound with poisonous blossoms, and lips, that when parted, drip with a sweet sort of ichor, like blackened honey from softest lips.

  • Sin-Eater: Dacen
  • DOD: 1850s
  • Threshold: Stricken
  • Keys: Phantasmal, Primeval
  • Keystone: The Poisoner's Ring
  • Aspect: Death by Poison

Mister Brightside

xxxxxOld enough that his original identity is obscured in the local mythology, the Geist now known as Mister Brightside originated as one of the victims of Minister Bradford's hangings, notable for being the last to hang, and for laughing as he went to the gallows, though the name is now lost. The Geist has recurred at least twice throughout the history of Hanging Hills, having been one of the first Aspected during the formation of the Society of Crows, and never passing on it's Aspect to an heir, instead finding new hosts with whom to make the Bargain and returning. Over time he has taken on associations with the working class, especially the downtrodden, and laughing at death and misery.

xxxxxIn appearance, Brightside is a figure in pantomime of a man, a bleached skull with a rictus grin too wide for a human face to accomodate, with a cigarette half of ash, and a pair of tarnished sunglasses. He wears an ancient and worn suit, never of good quality, a working man's Sunday wear, with a necktie that is a noose hanging down, the end trailing to smoke. When he moves, the sound of rusty girders and razorwire come from beneath the suit, and he leaves trails of sooty smoke, coal and cigarettes.

  • Sin-Eater: Roy
  • DOD: 1690s
  • Threshold: Silent
  • Keys: Primeval, Passion
  • Keystone: The Laughing Man's Noose
  • Aspect: The Rope

Mr Bojangles


Working the streets back in the 1943 was easily work for this young man and he was 24 years old on the verge of moving up in his game. He was going to be someone and that was it then one night in 1943 a little event happened out in his neck of the woods. He was trying to run the girls and noise pouring in and he peeks out his window to watch. That was his mistake a cop dragged him out and thinking it was time to end his ring. That cop had been after him for three years and since his business started ended it quickly one bullet between the eyes. The pistol a stolen from another criminal early in the day left next to him to rot.

A man in a zoot suit with a large hat that casts a show over his face. There is no way to see it no matter how much you peer. His eyes though gleam out once in awhile with a bright red dots. He is holding a smoking gun in one hand and in the other a pimp cane. He seems to watching everything around him trying to seize it all for his own greedy nature. When he rarely speaks it comes out in the booze and smoked ridden voice of a jazz musician that has been pushed into a grave.

  • Sin-Eater: Darius
  • DOD: 1943
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Passion , Phantasmal
  • Keystone: An old pistol
  • Aspect: Death by bullet

Murder of Crows

FrankieAllen BW Crow on a Branch Kawanake Kyosai.png
xxxxxMurder of Crows, also known as just ‘Crow’, is a concept with deep roots in mythology: Morrigan, the goddess of war and death in Irish mythology. A giant and king in Welsh mythology had a name meaning crow - Bran the Blessed, associated with corvids and death, whose head is supposedly buried under the Tower of London, home to many ravens. For the Cornish, magpies in particular were associated with death and the underworld due to their black and white colouring. In other cultures, ravens are said to possess the ghosts of murdered men or are associated with the origin of death. Crows are viewed as omens. Crows are intelligent, and considered tricksters in some cultures. Crows are guides to the Underworld, and Murder has no qualms about helping someone along the path there, because Murder knows there are those who don’t deserve to live. Murder is omen and judgment. Murder is very, very old, and if Murder was once a person, Murder is a crow now.

Murder of Crows appears as a group of corvids - crows, ravens, something in between - that talks through multiple mouths (or beaks, in this case), sentence fragments that fall off and are continued by a different crow. Sometimes, perhaps for clarity, it will be a single crow.

  • Sin-Eater: Frankie
  • DOD: BC
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Primeval, Stigmata
  • Keystone: Bone Compass
  • Aspect: Death by Stalker

The Nurse

xxxxxFollowing her sweetheart, a young idealistic woman of 20 joined the German war effort only to be raped and murdered by allied soldiers as the war was drawing to a close. Having witnessed what seemed like the Apocalypse and the horrors of what man could do to man-- the mustard gas, the bombs from above, war machines unlike anything seen before-- she died in a haze of horror and hopelessness. The nurse is the embodiment of the toll which war takes on the psyche. Hopeless, despairing, nihilistic and hateful, she longs to throw the world into a chaos from which it cannot recover. If she has to start small, it's no matter. One little butterfly flapping its wings...
  • Sin-Eater: Regan
  • DOD: October 1, 1918
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Stigmata & Passion
  • Keystone: The Gas Mask
  • Aspect: Murder in War

The Pack

xxxxxThe Pack is a mass of black; here the suggestion of a muscled canine shoulder, there a digitigrade leg; the velvet brush of fur and the glitter of gold-green eyes and many sharp teeth. The pack seems as if it should be made up of many individual canines, but there is no separation between the bodies; it is the idea of a feral pack and the fear of eyes gleaming from the dark.

xxxxxThe pack represents betrayal and violent death; it embodies the idea that though our ancestors tamed wild dogs, there is still savagery in them. A trusted companion might turn on you if given enough incentive, and though we love them, they are animals still; they are one bad day from going for the throat. We believe we have tamed them, and we couldn't be more wrong.

  • Sin-Eater: Holland
  • DOD: September 12, 1954
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Primeval and Stigmata
  • Keystone: The St. Roch Medallion
  • Aspect: Death by Trusted Companion

The Spoonman

xxxxxThe Spoonman was a real man who became something of an urban legend. In Berlin, in the late 1700s and early 1800s, there was a serial killer. As he approached his victims, he would tap two spoons together, making a clinking sound. Sometimes, he just terrorized people with the sound. Sometimes he simply mutilated his victims, leaving them to remember that sound for the rest of their lives. Most of the time, he murdered them in an exceptionally violent manner. No one ever saw his face. And then he would then use the spoons to remove their eyes. Because those that can't see, can't tell.

xxxxxHe was eventually apprehended and executed in 1812. His passion for murder, however, was strong. He came back. First, as a ghost, but that need was too strong. He became a Geist. Over time, many of his anchors were lost and he grew more and more erratic. He took over other serial killers. Or he took over those who had been violently murdered and slowly moulded them into serial killers. He caused a lot of deaths. And he lies. He lies so hard.

xxxxxRoughly fifteen years ago he managed to take over a Bound completely, becoming one of the Wretched. He was taken out by a Krewe of Sin-Eaters. Now, he's back, and he's Bound himself to another. This time, he's pretending to be the Geist of a revolutionary. He and his Bound will save the world, one death at a time.

  • Sin-Eater: Rictus
  • DOD: 1812
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Passion & The Pyre-Flame
  • Keystone: Murder Spoons
  • Aspect: Exceptionally Violent Murder

Stefano 'Lucky' Leoni

xxxxxYou can find Kilo's Geist, Lucky, in a tattered, musty, rotting, vintage suit, riddled with bullet holes and stained with old blood from a gun fight which apparently he didn't win. He's a rather large, domineering figure, and all you see of his flesh under the suit are his hands and neck and face -- all of which are skeletal with deep, sunken hollows where eyes should be and a cavity where his nose should be and lips pulled grotesquely back to reveal crooked, rotting teeth hanging from rotting sockets. Chunks of decomposed flesh hang casually from his skeletal hands, face and neck. When Lucky talks, gun and cigar smoke pours out of his mouth and his voice sounds like it’s coming out through a shredder.
  • Sin-Eater: Kilo
  • DOD: 1940's
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Stigmata, Passion
  • Keystone: Lucky Rabbit's Foot
  • Aspect: Gangland Violence


xxxxxTubbs is a shadow and the grave hint of a presence, literally. With no clear form, per se, his is like the shadow of a figure glimpsed under the door, or retreating down the hall ahead, or cast by a figure lighting a cigarette around a dark corner. The stench of stale cigarettes and habitual alcohol abuse sometimes fill the nostrils when you pass through where Tubbs has recently stood, too, but he is always just out of the way, just a bit ahead or behind, and never stands in the presence of an observer. Tubbs represents malice, and murder, and conflict, and like a horseman, serves as a harbinger of these ugly subjects (although his Threshold is not Torn). Whenever someone is going to do bad upon someone else, Tubbs is there waiting to see, a silent witness. His motives are unclear, but it must be releated to his actual death, which with no true appearance, ascertaining such is difficult, at best: his Keystone lays clues, being a deathly monster car destroyed and left to rot in an auto graveyard. Perhaps he was a racer and was murdered, who can say. Regardless of the lost circumstances, or even the name he lived with, Tubbs is one of the Prey when one digs deeply enough.
  • Sin-Eater: Sabo
  • DOD: Unknown, but believed to be in the 70s
  • Threshold: Prey
  • Keys: Pyre-Flame, Grave-Dirt
  • Keystone: The Death Racer
  • Aspect: Death via carcrash during unknown circumstances


xxxxxThe protean thing that calls itself "27" is a mystery, possibly even to itself. It speaks sometimes of an intense love of jazz, to the point of killing those who don't play jazz to appease it. Eventually its tastes evolved, growing into blues, and then Rock and Roll, and now it has branched into being interested in all forms of entertainment. "27" is the embodiment of a cultural meme revolving around the curious number of prodigal artists, mostly legendary musicians, who all died at that age. In truth, "27" isn't so picky about the age. It represents a star plucked from the Heavens before it had its chance to shine the brightest. It is the candle snuffed out too swiftly. It is the saying that it is better to burn out than to fade away.

xxxxx"27" has a mutable appearance, but there are always a few constants. First, it is skeletal in appearance. The second is that it will always look like a star. Lastly, its voice, while capable of creating fully formed syllables, sounds like the chords of a guitar with reverb giving it an otherworldly tone. However, its has a constantly shifting appearance. One moment, you might look at it with a shaggy afro, a frock coat and scarf. Look away for a moment, and it might be wearing a pea green cardigan with shaggy blonde hair spilling from it's polished skull. Another moment, and the ghastly figure might have on a dress with a beehive hairdo and winged eyeliner rounding its sockets.

xxxxx"27" craves the spotlight. It wants to achieve the acclaim that it felt it was due in life. It wants to feel the rush of excitement, the glow of the lights, the thrumming of the amps pushing out raw sound, and the screams of the crowd, along with the weight of their adulation.

  • Sin-Eater: Ezra
  • DOD: Unknown
  • Threshold: Stricken
  • Keys: Phantasm, Passion
  • Keystone: The Black Rose (Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar)
  • Aspect: The Early Death of a Rising Star

Tin Man

Old cop time 1a.gif
xxxxxTin man, a fellow officer that stepped up to help a fallen comrade. Rarely seen, even by Kylee, mostly just heard whispering in to her ear, or can be heard when he's blowing his whistle. He brought her back her service revolver and told her she wasn't done. Those rare times he's seen, he looks like an old-time beat cop, usually standing behind her shoulder.
  • Sin-Eater: Kylee
  • DOD: August 1, 2016
  • Threshold: Torn
  • Keys: Passion, Stigmata
  • Keystone: Service Revolver
  • Aspect: Death while on duty

The Traitor in Red

Blaise Geist.jpg
xxxxxThe Traitor in Red was once a British Soldier during the American Revolution. But during his time in the rebelling colonies, he began to sympathize with the fledgling nation and turned traitor. He began to pass on information and intelligence about British army plans and movements to the colonial forces. Eventually, his fellow Red Coats caught on to what he was doing and lured him out into a field, where they doused him in tar, tied a rope around his neck, and hoisted him into a tree. He spent his last moments gasping for air as the tar burned away at his flesh, until the blinding agony granted him death.

xxxxxHe appears as a British soldier of the late 18th century. His red coat is torn, singed, and stained black in places. He would almost be handsome if not for the patches of still smoldering flesh that fleck his form and the faint smell of hot tar that lingers about him. When he speaks it's with a coarse rasp.

xxxxxA soldier in death as he was in life, he seeks out those who have taken oaths of service to bind himself to. Especially those who have lost faith in said oaths, even more so if the oaths resulted in their death. Soldiers are his preferred partners, but police officers, fire fighters, and civil servants are all candidates to the Traitor in Red.

  • Sin-Eater: Blaise
  • DOD: 1770s
  • Threshold: Silent
  • Keys: Stillness, Pyre-Flame
  • Keystone: The Traitor's Signet
  • Aspect: Broken Vows