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A box, for suggestions.

Threshold Merit Suggestions


Example Merit Name •••••
(from Player Name)
Example merit text, with bonuses.
Drawbacks: If any.






Archetype Merit Suggestions


Example Merit Name •••••
(from Player Name)
Example merit text, with bonuses.
Drawbacks: If any.






Armor of Faith • to ••xxxxx(Prerequisite: Stamina •••)
(from Dante)
This Merit represents a spiritual cleansing ritual which leaves the Sin-Eater in a much better condition to fend off assaults of a spiritual nature. Any attack generated from or taking place in Twilight provides the Sin-Eater with an Armor rating equal to the points taken in this Merit. Ghosts find that Sin-Eaters with this Merit prove difficult to injure and tend to avoid them if they are of a violent bent. Poltergeists in specific find them obnoxious foes and associates.
Drawbacks: Social rolls involving violent spirits take a similar penalty to all dice pools equal to the points taken in this Merit. Spirits like equal footing, if they can't have an outright advantage.

Conviction • to ••••xxxxx(Prerequisite: Resolve or Composure •••)
(from Dante)
This is a toughening of the Sin-Eater's personal bank of inner support for their beliefs against spiritual assaults on it of a mental or supernatural origin. Any attempts by a spirit, ghost, or demon to alter the Sin-Eater's given course of action, provided it is in accordance with the Sin-Eater's Geist's wishes, must overcome the Sin-Eater on a roll of Resolve+Composure+Conviction vs relevant roll (in the event of a contested roll which uses different stats, the Sin-Eater receives a bonus to that pool equal to their points in this Merit).
Drawbacks: The Sin-Eater is rendered less capable of receiving even benign contact of a similar nature and the effect remains "on" indefinitely. To suppress it, the Sin-Eater must expend a Willpower point to "lower" it for one Scene and another to "raise" it upon conclusion. This is not a Merit for the half-measure sort. That's sort of the point.

Heed The Word • to •••xxxxx(Prerequisite: Patient Merit)
(from Dante)
Through conviction and strength of faith, the Pilgrim may try to convert a ghost into releasing a Fetter temporarily and relinquish a tie to the world of the Quick. The duration of this depends on the outcome of the contested roll of the ghost's Resistance trait versus the Sin-Eater's Presence + The Word rating. Each roll represents 10 minutes' time (which may not be reduced via mundane or magic means without canceling the benefits of this Merit entirely; the process is meant to be deliberately slowed).
Success or failure results:
Dramatic Failure: The ghost's receives a bonus equal to the rating in this Merit as they become hardened against further attempts to see it released.
Failure: The ghost's stance remains unchanged.
Success: The ghost releases a Fetter with a rating of the Sin-Eater's Presence or this Merit, whichever is highest for one scene.
Exceptional Success: The ghost releases the Fetter permanently and no longer has it as an asset.
Drawbacks: Judicious use of common sense should apply when using this Merit frequently. Being known as a flatterer or a cheat can sour one's reputation with the dead as well as with one's allies.

Ceremony Suggestions

Example Ceremony Name ••••

(From Person)
xxxxxExample flavor text about ceremony.
xxxxxPerforming the Ceremony: Example text about performing ceremony. What does the ceremonialist need to do? Any special requirements?
xxxxxRoll: Extended? Instant? How many successes?
xxxxxAction: What skills/attributes the ceremony uses.
xxxxxTime Increment: How long is each roll?

xxxxxDramatic Failure: What happens if the ceremonialist seriously fucks up?
xxxxxFailure: What happens if the ceremony just fails normally?
xxxxxSuccess: What does the ceremonialist get for their success?
xxxxxExceptional Success: Are there any bonuses to it for an exceptional?

+2  if the Ceremonialist blah blah
+1  if the Ceremonialist blah blah
-1  if the Ceremonialist blah blah

Force Sensitivity ••••

(From Deckard)
xxxxxThis ceremony was designed by the Hunting Krewe, The Jedi Order. It is of course a play on their Fanboyism, but it is a potent ceremony nonetheless, and one that has kept them in the business of destroying rogue Geists, Sin-Eaters, and other creatures that go bump in the night. At the most basic level, this ceremony allows those within a Krewe to always be able to keep an eye on each other member of their Krewe, regardless of the distance between them. Whether it is used to keep Krewe members honest, or whether it is used to gather information from afar, is up to the users in question. It is a deep and intimate connection the Krewe establishes with one another after all, and isn’t to be taken lightly.
xxxxxPerforming the Ceremony: All Krewe members participating in the ceremony who wish to become Force Sensitive must gather in a dark room, near one of the Low Places. The energies of Death must be present, and the Krewe members must feel its chill in their bones. The more death present, the stronger the bond is, and the more likely the establishment of the telepathic link becomes. The primary role the Ceremonialist has is to guide the rest of the Krewe in their meditations. The Krewe members sit in a circle, holding hands, heads bowed to the ground. All they must do is concentrate on the deathly energies around them. By concentrating, they will eventually be able to sense the deathly energies within those they have linked hands with, to the point where they are all linked as one entity in death. Honorary Krewe members may participate in this ceremony, so long as they are steeped heavily in Deathstains. If they are not, then they must sacrifice at least a number of small animals equal to 20 times their Power Stat, a number of medium animals equal to 10 times their Power Stat, a number of large animals equal to 5 times their Power Stat, or a number of humans equal to their Power Stat. This must be done prior to the ceremony, and they must both ingest and coat themselves in the blood of the deceased, since then they are able to be recognized, at least temporarily, as having death energies flow within them as the blood loses its potency.
xxxxxRoll: Extended (12 Successes)
xxxxxAction: Psyche+Composure
xxxxxTime Increment: Each roll is equivalent to 30 minutes.

xxxxxDramatic Failure: The telepathic link is indeed established for the next month. But it is not peaceful, it is not informative, and it is not able to be turned off. The characters each lose their four leftmost health boxes for a month due to the sheer pain they are feeling inside of their heads. It is as if billions of voices scream out all at once…because the telepathic link is one-way. And it is connected to every ghost in the world. Guess how many humans have ever existed on planet earth?
xxxxxFailure: The ceremony ends, and each participant feels a little disappointed. Sadface.
xxxxxSuccess: For the next month, members of the Krewe become telepathically connected on a subconscious level. If they spend any time meditating, they can concentrate on any member of the Krewe. When they focus their attention on a Krewe member, they are able to see events unfold around that Krewe member as if they were there with them. How much they can see is left up to the Storyteller; a heavy mist might obscure the character’s vision, or the Krewe member being watched might be in a dark room, negating any ability to see. The character meditating may also roll Wits+Empathy to take in the emotions and sensations the Krewe member is feeling at that moment, as well as any surface thoughts they might be having. By spending a point of Willpower, the character meditating may also pour their efforts into foreseeing events unfold around the character they are concentrating on. They may see into the murky depths of the future for one round per Psyche (or equivalent Power Stat) the meditating character possesses, though the further into the future they delve, the murkier and more difficult the vision is to discern. Any Krewe member may also, without meditation, utilize any of their Morbid Reality abilities on a Krewe member, regardless of distance between them. Lastly, if any Krewe member has their hit boxes completely filled with Lethal damage, every Krewe member is made instantly aware. They immediately gain a sense of their exact location, as well as their mental and emotional state. If a Krewe member is ever killed, the telepathic link the Krewe has with that member is severed, sending a painful psychic backlash to every member of the Krewe. Each member takes 1 bashing damage as they are overcome with an instant migraine. To re-establish the telepathic link, if the Krewe member is capable of resurrection, they must re-do the ceremony entirely. Characters that do not wish to be scryed must simply spend 1 Willpower. For the next day, they remain unseen to any Krewe member attempting to concentrate on them.
xxxxxExceptional Success: The duration of the telepathic link is instead one month per successes rolled. In addition, when a Krewe member looks into the future of a Krewe member, they may target themselves as well. The amount of time they can look into the future is increased to one full minute per dot of Psyche (or equivalent Power Stat) the character possesses, though the visions they receive are piecemeal at best, and resemble dreams more than anything. The future is malleable, after all.

+3  if the Ceremony takes place in the Underworld or near an Avernian Gate
+2  if the Ceremony takes place in a graveyard or old battlefield
+1  if the Ceremony takes place in an old hospital or hospice
-1  if the Ceremony takes place in a nice cozy, warm, comfortable location
-2  if the Ceremony takes place somewhere the chill of death does not reach
-3  if the Ceremony takes place in another realm, such as the Hedge or the Shadow

Ziggurat Of Khonsu ••••

(From Deckard)
xxxxxSometimes a Krewe needs a quick way to meet up in the Underworld, despite their Overworld locations. Some Krewes, especially ones that travel often, need some method of gathering quickly, and the solution was the creation of this ceremony. This ceremony connects every Avernian Gate to a single location in the Underworld, allowing Krewe-members to travel to and from the nexus portal with a special key created during the performing of the ceremony. To utilize this portal, one need simply open an Avernian Gate while holding the special key in one hand, and visualizing the nexus. Instead of opening to its typical location in the Underworld, the Avernian gate instead leads to the where the nexus portal exists. The method of opening the gate otherwise remains the same, though the nexus key counts as a memento when opening the gate. Travelling to an Avernian Gate through the nexus is much simpler; one must simply think of the location they would like to travel to while walking into the nexus portal. If no such location exists, then the next nearest location is where the Krewe member arrives.
xxxxxPerforming the Ceremony: The ceremonialist must have at least two other Krewe members present during the creation of the nexus. These members may be honorary Krewe members, so long as the one who enacts the ceremony is a Sin-Eater. Each member present stands around a jar, placed where they would like the epicenter of the nexus portal to be created. They then must inflict 1 lethal damage to themselves, and pour their blood into the jar, along with 1 point of Plasm (or other equivalent). Once this is done, the ceremonialist and any other Krewe member taking part in the ceremony must dip a possession of theirs into the jar. After every member has dipped a possession of theirs into the jar, the ceremonialist must seal the jar. Upon being sealed, if the ceremony is successful, a semi-transparent sphere made of plasmic smoke envelops the jar. The sphere is at least as large as a grown adult, though it is capable of altering its overall size. The sphere is the nexus portal, and brief glimpses of the world (and other places, such as the Shadow) can be seen in the nexus portal, fading away in the smoke. Each item that was dipped into the jar acts as a key to the nexus, and if the key is lost or broken, the Krewe member loses the ability to freely travel to and from the nexus. They key can be stolen and utilized by anybody capable of opening an Avernian Gate, though they will not be recognized as a member of the Krewe by the nexus. The keys to the nexus glow with the same deathly energy as a memento. The creation of the nexus portal only works in the Autochthonous Depths. If the ceremony is attempted in a Dominion, it automatically fails, and the attempt counts as a breach of an Old Law.
xxxxxRoll: Instant, with only 1 successes required, +1 for every Krewe member present and participating in the ceremony (minimum of 3 successes required).
xxxxxAction: Wits+Psyche
xxxxxTime Increment: The ceremony only takes a couple of minutes to perform, so only one roll is required. Every additional member who is present may choose to take 1 extra point of lethal damage to add +1 to the roll however. This can only be done once per participant.

xxxxxDramatic Failure: The entire Krewe loses ten points of plasm (or associated pool) each, and if the total amount of plasm reduces the Sin-Eater to 0, they take 10 bashing damage from the strain of trying to channel the dimensions of reality through their bodies. Honorary Krewe members suffer the same fate; if their pool is reduced to 0, they also take 10 bashing damage. In addition, this ceremony may not be attempted for another two months, regardless of whether the ceremony is attempted by a new Krewe member or a different Krewe member.
xxxxxFailure: The creation of the nexus portal and its ziggurat fails.
xxxxxSuccess: The Sin-Eater creates a nexus portal in the Autochthonous Depths that is attuned to the Sin-Eater and associated Krewe. This Nexus portal is encased by a solid, plasmic ziggurat, keeping the immediate area around the central portal defended against unwanted intrusions. The ziggurat itself may vary in size, depending on the area surrounding the nexus, as well as the amount of people in the Krewe itself. Typically the ziggurat will always have enough interior room to comfortably fit the entire Krewe that is attuned to the nexus portal. The structure of the ziggurat equals 10 + the amount of successes achieved on the extended roll. The Durability of the ziggurat equals the Sin-Eater’s Psyche stat at the time of creation of the nexus portal. There are no obvious entryways in or out of the ziggurat, because there are no doors or windows. The plasm that makes up the ziggurat simply parts ways for the Sin-Eaters attuned to the nexus point, as well as any other honorary Krewe members that might also be attuned. If a Sin-Eater attempts to assist a non-Krewe member through the ziggurat, the Sin-Eater must expend 1 point of Willpower as well as 1 point of Plasm, as if they were acting as a psychopomp for the non-Krewe member. Anybody who is not a member of the Krewe attuned to the nexus, or who is not being ferried through the ziggurat, must destroy the plasmic structure before they gain access to the nexus. Upon destruction of the ziggurat, every member of the Krewe attuned to the nexus is alerted to the destruction of the ziggurat. To collapse the nexus itself, all the members of the Krewe who were present during its creation must return to the portal, and throw in their keys simultaneously. The Ziggurat remains in place until either destroyed, the Krewe channel is broken, a ban is enacted, or 1 year passes. The maximum amount of nexus portals that may exist for a Krewe is equal to the level of the Krewe.
xxxxxExceptional Success: The ziggurat gains an additional point of Durability for each member of the Krewe that was present during the creation of the nexus. In addition, any non-Krewe member that a Sin-Eater ferries through the ziggurat requires the Sin-Eater only pay 1 Plasm, obviating the Willpower expenditure.

A Radio to Below ••••

(From Saul)
xxxxxSin-Eaters will sometimes have trust issues between each other. While they can swear any amount of promises, there's usually not a means of providing a tangible form of it. A Krewe out of Los Angeles came up with this Ceremony and put it to work with their associates, quickly becoming both connected to them as well as equally bound to their promises. By building an icon of a specific Kerberoi, the involved parties become accountable for their promises in a very, very real fashion: should they break their spoken oath, the next trip to the Underworld will find them in the Domain of the named Kerberoi and said Kerberoi aware that they broke a promise, which qualifies as a temporary law. How it proceeds from there, it's in the hands of a creature that does not take kindly to a rule-breaker.
xxxxxPerforming the Ceremony: The ceremonialist must construct an icon of the named Kerberoi, gifting it with water from a River close to their Domain, then add a trinket of some value (Resources •• or better) to it in order to activate it after speaking aloud the promise to be kept. Common themes for these promises are pacts of mutual non-aggression, assistance in time of need, social obligations, and even marital vows. Business dealings are not a choice made lightly or easily, but they have happened in the past. All parties sit in a circle around the icon, say their name (a nickname will suffice, so long as it is known to at least one active Underworld inhabitant), then the promise is said by one and all, without deviation. Any mistakes in wording can and will disrupt the ceremony, so most people make either a script or cue cards. Keeping it simple helps, as well.
xxxxxRoll: Psyche + Presence
xxxxxAction: , Intelligence + Crafts, 10 successes required, in order to create the icon. To activate it, a point of Plasm per involved party is spent, a cost that can be shared in the event of it involving multiple Sin-Eaters, regardless of if they know the Ceremony themselves.
xxxxxTime Increment: Each roll requires five minutes' work on constructing the icon, which may be reused. The spoken portion of the Ceremony requires one round each, unless it is a complicated phrase or several pages of stipulations.

xxxxxDramatic Failure: The Ceremonialist is given the option of surrendering Plasm equal to their Synergy immediately or facing the Kerberoi on their next visit. The Kerberoi will probably not be violently opposed but is likely to give them some onerous task to perform as a way to maintain the balance.
xxxxxFailure: Everyone is sitting in a circle, holding hands by candlelight, and it feels awkward.
xxxxxSuccess: The involved parties each become aware of any action that might violate the letter, not the spirit, of their promise, and if it is broken, all parties involve know it immediately.
xxxxxExceptional Success: As above, but it includes the spirit of the promise, and also names the violator of the promise to all involved.

+2  if the Ceremonialist has a Specialty in Law or an equivalent thereof
+1  if the Ceremonialist hosts the event in a place of bargains, mediation, or restitution (courthouses will work, while the lawn of a law office won't)
+1  if the Ceremonialist uses higher grade materials to build the icon (+1 for each Resource point over the second)
-1  if the Ceremonialist has a Flaw (not a trait of personality, but an actual Flaw) based around being unreliable, a liar, or gambler
-2  if the Ceremonialist chose a space for the ritual incautiously or intentionally in a hostile environment to the involved parties (neutral ground is best)