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Name Gavin Cavanaugh
Apparent Age 40
Height 6'1"
Build Genetically Gifted
Occupation Companionship Specialist
Vice Greed
  • Presence
  • Resolve
  • Composure

  • Persuasion
  • Socialize
  • Politics
  • Streetwise

  • Fame ● [Casting Couch]
  • Striking Looks ●●
  • Striking Voice ●●
  • Social Chameleon ●●
  • Heart of Darkness ●●●●●
  • Allies - Sex Workers ●●●●●
  • Staff - Sex Workers ●●●●●
  • Languages - French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, ASL

  • Moneyed Tongue
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Prurient Perfume
  • Sinful Girth
  • Mortal Shell

  • Greed ●●●
  • Lust ●●●
  • Pride ●●●
  • Gluttony ●●
  • Sloth ●
  • Envy ●●
  • Wrath ●●●



Gavin is taller than average, with broad shoulders and well put together. Genetics have gifted him with the idealized form one might desire when they intend to run for office; a picture of health and confidence. Refined Confidence {Striking Looks 2} His choice in clothing seems to operate with the understanding that the loudest person in the room is most often the weakest, preferring simple suits tailored to fit him perfectly. A result of this belief is his ability to blend into any social group as if he has always belonged among them. Social Chameleon x2

When he speaks, the first of two clear hints of his demonic nature make itself known...on a subconscious level, at least. His words drip with implication, promises of fulfillment of every sinful urge a person has, coiling around their brain stem and gently squeezing it, encouraging them to listen to him, to obey, to follow, and he’ll give them all they desire. Honeyed Tongue +16. His scent adapts to those who catch it, wiggling around in the back of their brain to find the scent they most enjoy on a man and convincing them that is precisely what he smells like to help lure them in. Prurient Perfume

Known Information

Cavanaugh- He's got the name and, much as some of them might side eye anyone who says it, he isn't all that different from much of his family. He knows debauchery, he knows business, he knows how to mix the two and most of all he knows when to keep them separate. He has a politician's charm, for better and for worse.
Employees Wanted - He's Ambitious. Beyond Ambitious, even. Shooting for the stars and simply landing on the moon isn't enough for him. He's searching high and low for new employees to funnel into his business to help build it up. Some of the cornerstone roles he is in search of involve basic prostitutes, high class escorts, and those willing to do camwork. He's also interested in support staff who can provide protection, tech support, or anything else that sounds reasonable. Some of the roles come complete with benefits and/or bonuses! Male, female and everything in between feel free to apply for any role you feel suited for!
Companionship - Let me just open up my contacts, What have you got a taste for tonight?
The Demon - His Demon is greedy. It isn't Greedy in the same way he is; Material possessions can be lost, they can be stolen, or they can simply lose their value. It wants what you cannot have back, it wants a mark left on you. Do you remember your first kiss? Your first time having sex? Who was your first crush and who was it you confessed your deepest perversion to? These are people you will not forget. They'll spring into your memory at random times for the rest of your life...These experiences and any like it are what the demon seeks to claim, guiding Gavin to insert himself into peoples lives in such a way that he can leave a trail of marked memories behind him.


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