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“Eyes front. You cannot move. You cannot even know if you are really here. One of magic's many beauties is that the illusion can begin long before the audience even knows it is going to be tricked. Trick. A word with so many meanings. You fake your own reality. You, the things that you believe about yourself. Delusions. The things that you tell yourself. Lies. Are you ready for the truth?”
Montag the Magnificent

GalateaSymbol.jpgxxxxxRefinement Mercurius.jpg

Apparent Age: Early 40's
Eyes: Electric Blue
Hair: Brown
Occupation: None

Lineage: Galatea (Muse)
Refinement: Mercurius (Quicksilver)
Athanor: Unknown

Throng: Founders
Role: The Voice of the Founders
Creator: Unknown


At a Glance

xxxxxMany see the one known as Gatsby as the de facto leader, or at the very least the face and voice. Rumor has it that he was the one who came up with the idea for the Brand in the first place. As a student of Mercurius, it makes sense that he would fuel the flames and inspire others to do something so grand. He is also the most active and outgoing member of the Throng, though in recent times he has become more withdrawn and elusive along with the rest of them. His Refinement fits him as mercurial is probably the best word to describe his personality. Easily recognized by his pompadour hair and white-on-white suits.

Tricks of the Trade

(Note: Gatsby should only be used with staff approval.) Tips and ticks for use when emitting Gatsby:

  • Showman - To the core, prone to grand verbosity and theatrical movements. Larger than life.
  • Quicksilver - His eyes flash with Pyros, and when working with it he crackles and glows.
  • Untamed Azoth - He burns so bright that he can be hard to look at, and his fire is barely restrained.
  • Branding Iron - A coat hanger twisted and bent into the mark of the Gethrang, always kept on his person.

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Leonard Cohen ~ Everybody Knows