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Weapon Fixation (***) Book: Custom based on Slasher merit

Prerequisite: Weaponry or Brawl *, and a specialty in the specific weapon

Effects: Some characters take great comfort in one weapon. Whether a woman gains power from her dead husband's straight-razor or a lunatic possesses a fire ax that he believes speaks to him, the reliance on one specific weapon is this characters's defining trait. When using one specific weapon (not weapon type, but specific weapon) - a custom glove with razors in the fingertips, or a perfectly-balanced sniper rifle that used to belong to the step dad that beat his mother, that the character used to kill him with. - the character's roll gains the 8-Again quality.

Drawback: The character cannot voluntarily get rid of his weapon. Even if the cops are after him and it's dripping with the blood of a dead cheerleader, he will take it with him. If circumstances outside his control separate him from his weapon, he gains a derangement that remains until he is reunited with his weapon. If the weapon is destroyed the derangement remains until he re-obtains a weapon with significant meaning to them or purchase the merit again. In Addition, all over weapons lose the 10-Again quality (If the weapon is 8 or 9-again, move them down one level. 8-again becomes 9-again, etc.) You may only have one version of this merit at a time.

This can be combined with Favored Weapon.