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Fighting Style: Way of the Ghast (Prerequisites: Sin-Eater, Brawl or Weaponry 2, Occult 2, Resolve 2, Composure 2)

xxxxxSome Sin-Eaters take it as their duty to fight ghosts and denizens of the Underworld at any opportunity. These Bound typically believe that they're that thin black line between the living and the dead, and work to fight against the ghostly possession of the quick.

xxxxxAccording to the occasional message on the Twilight Network, this fighting style stems from usage of a Sin-Eater's natural abilities to affect and fight ghosts, created by a Reaper martial artist who lost his entire Krewe to a particularly strong Unfettered Geist. The name of this Reaper is lost to time, but this combat style has shown up in some form for the last sixty or seventy years.

xxxxxThe Way of the Ghast draws on a Sin-Eater's ghostly nature in ways that it wasn't meant to be. As such, it can cause some discord between the Sin-Eater and her Geist. If a Synergy Sin would be committed from an action caused by this (such as destroying a Fetter or Geist), the Sin-Eater rolls at a -1 penalty to avoid Synergy loss.

xxxxxThis fighting style is designed to work against any creature that exists in Twilight or the Underworld naturally, such as ghosts, zombies, corpses and humans being affected by the Corpse Ride or Possession Numina, Homunculi, Geists (Unfettered or otherwise), Kerberoi, and other Sin-Eaters. This fighting style works against anything or anyone if the Sin-Eater is engaged in combat in the Underworld.

xxxxxThis fighting style can also be used with a melee weapon-based Charm, Fetter, Keystone, or piece of Memorabilia. This does not work with thrown weapons, bows, guns, or anything that requires attacking at range.

Ghastly Strike (•)
xxxxxNormally, a Sin-Eater can only affect a ghost with a Keystone, Possessing their Geist, or through a Manifestation. By expending one point of Plasm, the Sin-Eater can affect dematerialized ghosts with their body. This stacks with any other Fighting Style the character may have. If the Sin-Eater is using a weapon with this style that can affect Twilight, this applies a +1 bonus to rolls to hit their ephemeral target. Otherwise, the lowest form of this fighting style is meant to turn the Sin-Eater's body into a weapon. This also allows them to affect any supernatural creature that has sent themselves into Twilight (such as Mages or Vampires using Arcana or Disciplines that allow them to create a Twilight form).

Ephemeral Speed (••)
xxxxxWhen fighting in the Underworld or engaging in combat against a threat whose natural state is in Twilight (ghosts, Unfettered Geists, zombies, ghosts possessing humans or corpses, etc.), the Sin-Eater may use the better of their Dexterity or Wits for Initiative similar to a ghost, and may add their dots in Brawl (or Weaponry, if using a weapon Fetter, Charm, Keystone or Memorabilia) to their initiative roll. This only works if the primary opponent that a Sin-Eater is fighting fits the above criteria. This also works against other Sin-Eaters, who live in a dual state between Twilight and the real world.

The Clinician's Strike (•••)
xxxxxAll Sin-Eaters possess the ability to tell how a corpse was killed. Ghosts typically retain some marking related to their death (known as a death stain), and a Sin-Eater with this ability can capitalize on that. By spending a point of Willpower and rolling a successful reflexive Wits + Medicine roll, a Sin-Eater can deny a ghost their defense with their next attack. Furthermore, if a Sin-Eater is fighting alongside members of their Krewe, the target loses its defense to all present members of the Sin-Eater's Krewe.

Manifest Destiny (••••)
xxxxxUpon attaining this level of mastery with this fighting style, a Sin-Eater can strike and reflexively call upon a Manifestation by expending 3 points of Plasm (in addition to the Plasm required by the Manifestation). As this also works against possessed humans, there are stories of unscrupulous necromancers striking a possessed mortal with a killing blow and calling upon the Stillness Marionette to reflexively bring them back as a zombie under their control. The most common use of this power is in conjunction with the Shroud if a Sin-Eater is caught in a fight unawares. When using this ability, the Manifestation counts as a Reflexive action, following the resolution of the strike. The Manifestation is utilized regardless of whether the punch hits, and the Plasm is spent whether the Manifestation will work on the opponent or not. This cannot be used in conjunction with a direct damage Manifestation due to the Multiple Attacks house rule with Fighting Styles. Obviously, to use this ability in one round, a Sin-Eater must have a fairly high Psyche. However, a Sin-Eater can spend multiple turns spending Plasm to charge their strike. While the Sin-Eater holds her action, she can use the Full Defense manuever, but cannot attack until she's spent enough Plasm to activate this ability.
xxxxxDrawback: When using this ability, a Sin-Eater is forced to drop any active Manifestations, regardless of Key. All of their concentration is placed solely on calling upon the Manifestation while attacking their opponent.

Psyche's Boon (•••••)
xxxxxSin-Eaters have an inherent connection to death, but they also are creatures of the mortal world, with their bodies infused with Plasm to make them dual natured. A Sin-Eater with this ability can call upon their mortal will and determination to inflict further damage against a target. By expending one Willpower and one Plasm prior to attacking, a Sin-Eater does a number of automatic damage to health or Corpus equal to their Psyche rating, assuming they hit their opponent. The Sin-Eater must achieve at least one success on their attack roll for this power to activate, and the Willpower and Plasm must be spent prior to rolling. For example, a Sin-Eater with Psyche 4 attacks an Unfettered Geist with a Brawl attack. They spend a point of Willpower and Plasm prior to attacking. They achieve two successes on their attack roll, normally dealing 2 Corpus damage to the target. With this ability, that damage is increased to 6 Corpus damage (due to adding the Sin-Eater's Psyche rating as automatic damage). This stacks with other Fighting Styles that provide bonus damage, such as Fencing.
xxxxxDrawback: A Sin-Eater using this ability forgoes any Defense for the round. If the Sin-Eater goes later in the initiative order and wishes to use this ability, any attacks may not be dodged or defended against. Armor still works as normal.