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After discussion, this is how Unseen Senses was HRed. This is a final listing of all US and what they do.

Unseen Sense usually detects types of creatures, as per GMC p. 175. In some cases, it detects only the appropriate power use, as noted in the below list for Awakened Magic, Sin-Eater Manifestations, Psychic Powers, Thaumaturge Powers, Changeling Contracts, and Possessed.

  • Unseen Sense (Awakened Magic)
  • Unseen Sense (Ghosts) - Detects unfettered geists. Detects Avernian Gateways if also a gatekeeper.
  • Unseen Sense (Demons) - Detects the Dark Numina and Manifestation Effects of Dominions in Twilight and Material states, as well as Familiars from the Possessed Sphere. Note, this does not detect the use of Possessed or their Vestments. Larval and Immundi are detected by the Ghosts and Spirits versions of Unseen Sense.
  • Unseen Sense (Spirits) - Detects use of Numina by Spirits.
  • Unseen Sense (Sin-Eater Manifestations)
  • Unseen Sense (Psychic Powers) - This detects Lucifuge Castigations. Detects psychic body thieves when stealing a body.
  • Unseen Sense (Thaumaturge Powers) - Will detect Malleus Maleficarum Benedictions. Detects thaumaturgic body thieves when stealing a body.
  • Unseen Sense (Werewolves)
  • Unseen Sense (Ferals)
  • Unseen Sense (Vampires)
  • Unseen Sense (Changeling Contracts)
  • Unseen Sense (Possessed) - Detects the use of most Lesser and Greater Vestments only.