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Tiered Concepts:

  • There's only one tier level.
  • Scene Requirement for all Tiers: ST two stories a month. This can be one scene, or five, short or long, off the cuff or fully planned out. At least one of them should be for the sphere to which you're tiering. If you're running for your friends-only and your TL has a problem with that, the TL has every right to start poking at you with a sharp stick.
  • Sphere meetings, group meetings and such are generally more information dumps then creative Plot. Please do not turn in this kind of Scene as something you should get credit for.
  • Benefits for all Tiers: Initial bonus of 20 XP. Monthly bonus of 5 XP, on top of the 1-3 per scene currently given. This XP remains with the PC even if the Tier is released, but does not transfer as part of a permafreeze. If you get the initial amount and never complete your second month, you do lose the bonus.
  • Administrative Requirements for all Tiers: tier-run scenes go on the wiki on your user page. We'll show anyone who needs help setting this up, how to do so. This is so other players can see what you're up to, and so staff can check easily to see if you're fulfilling your requirements.
  • It's okay to take a break, you just won't get the monthly bonus that month. Please communicate with your TL or Sphere Staff. Inactive Tiers will be removed from the rotation.
  • One scene a month can be mentoring a new ST before they take the plunge into Tier themselves. This involves actually telling staff ahead of time, helping the ST plot/plan, assisting with running scene, coming up with monster stats, and generally guiding someone new into the fold. A new ST can only be mentored twice before they don't count for this effort anymore for anyone. Sink or swim!
  • For Staff commands see +help Staff tier.