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Speed Reader • (Prerequisites: Academics or Occult 2)

Knowledge comes in many forms, and while most occultists or academics prefer to gain their knowledge from direct interaction, some prefer the quiet consistency of a book. These types delve into pages of with a gusto unmatched by anyone else; however, for those academics and occultists, sometimes the acquisition of knowledge can be dangerous or otherwise cause serious repercussions on one's career if they don't pick up that knowledge -- and quick. This merit allows the character to read books in one-quarter of the time it would normally take. If the character is taking an extended action in relation to research or investigation, they may do the action in half the time it would normally take. If the character also has the Good Time Management merit, the time is instead reduced to one-quarter of the regular amount of time necessary to achieve the final result.

Drawbacks: The character is so invested in her reading and research that she takes a -2 penalty to any rolls while researching to notice anything else around her. This is a penalty to sight, hearing, scent, and other sensory perception checks using Wits+Composure to detect danger (or anything else, for that matter).