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Game news:Ethics policy
These are the standards that we hold our staff to. See 'news ethics policy'
Game news:Copyright
We believe in open access. However, we do ask that credit for content taken from this site.
Golden Rule
The first thing to keep in mind on Fallcoast is that it is a cooperative storytelling environment. We are all here to have fun and keeping that in mind is the best way to keep a copacetic environment. Treat others the way you would like to be treated and try to be excellent.
Staff and Spheres
All spheres are subject to uniform policy defined by or approved by Headstaff. Story staff tells stories; build staff builds; code staff codes.
Game news:Alts
How many alts you can have & what you shouldn't be doing with them. See 'news alts'.
Staff Alts
Admins & Storytellers may have PCs in spheres they staff, under certain conditions. See 'news alts 2'
NPCs exist to provide background, texture, and a growth structure for each sphere. NPCs should be played as a means to enhance stories players, facilitate theme, and help enjoyment. Please think of this when you are crafting and telling stories with Non-Player Characters.
This is a game of adults, by adults, for adults. No PCs under the apparent or actual physical, emotional or mental age of 18 are permitted under any circumstances. Played by models must also be at least 18 years of age and appear that way too. Most importantly, players on Fallcoast are agreeing that they are eighteen by logging in. Anyone found to be under 18 will be ask to leave.
Game news:Corrective measures
See link; what to expect out of the complaint process as an end-result, for all parties involved.
Adult Content
The World of Darkness is a game line concerning adult content. This game features adult content. However, scenes portraying sex, often referred to as TS, should be kept out of public rooms. Public rooms are those connected to the grid and accessible by the general player population. If you add a room to +hangouts, it is inherently a public room.