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Non-Habit-Forming • (Prerequisite: Resolve 3 or Stamina 3, Celebrant Archetype)

The Sin-Eater is able to kick drug habits on a whim, and able to power through even the worst withdrawals without being affected. Effectively, this makes them completely immune to any form of drug addiction.

Drawback: Naturally, this Merit cannot be taken if you currently have an Addiction Flaw. Because the character is basically immune to addiction and their Plasm burns it out of their system so quickly, any drug taken has a very quick half-life. If the effects would last a scene, they last a number of rounds equal to Stamina. If the effects have a shorter half-life, the effects last for one round. This means that the character also cannot remain drunk, high, or otherwise inebriated for long, causing them to burn through their supply in short-order.

Special Note: This merit does not make a character immune to overdose, and taking multiple doses of a drug to "chase a high" will cause a character to overdose (heart attack for drugs like cocaine, for example) if used more than once in a scene.