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xxxxxThe goal of a PC cop OOC is not to bring JUSTICE to this grimdarque, angry, World of Darkness. The goal of a PC cop OOC is to RP being a cop. Divorce yourself from the need to see evildoers brought to justice every single time. That's not the point! The point is to enjoy RPing the parts of being a cop that entertain you. If that's bringing evil-doers to justice now and again, then do it with NPCs. Don't focus your gimlet gaze upon your fellow PCs to take them down, to lock them away, to effectively PK them (because someone 'going to jail' is PK, let us be clear). We're not a game for antagonist spheres. The Crime sphere is not your enemy.


xxxxxThe goal of a PC criminal OOC is not to rub it in that you "can't be caught" when you've committed a dastardly deed, because you know that we're not in favor of PvP. The goal of a PC criminal OOC is to RP being a criminal. Divorce yourself from the need to do something huge and splashy and run this town like a wild horse. That's not the point! The point is to enjoy RPing the parts of being a criminal that entertain you. If you need to do something splashy, then talk to the cop-players ahead of time to make sure everyone's on the same page. Offer them a chance to have their fun capturing you and interrogating you, so long as a judge ends up letting you off on a technicality or etc. This is not a game where you get to be an antagonistic jerkface to the people who are enjoying playing cops.

Law & Crime Together

xxxxxNeither 'side' is out to get the other or ruin everybody's fun forever and ever amen. There will never be total-law or total-crime in town, and there are plenty enough NPCs to fill in the gaps for your respective angle of this situation. We achieve this through tempered realism. We're not lawyers -- though we know several players are! -- or criminals -- some of us steal chocolate from a store when we were little, does that count? -- and those of you who are? Please take a deep breath and let it go.

xxxxxWe want it understood pretty clearly that y'all ought to be ships in the night. Criminals criminal it up when NPC cops are patrolling. Cops cop it up when NPC criminals are doing the deeds. That's not to say that if someone does something huge and splashy, there can't be investigation and/or arrests. Go too big, and you're going to get attention. You SHOULD get attention in that case.^ I'm also wholeheartedly in favor of cops and robbers being in OOC cahoots about how they interact: negotiating that JoeBob will arrest JaneMarie for pickpocketing, but that JoeBob will provide prison PrP for her for the short time she's there? A+++++. But that requires folks talk it out ahead of time and be in agreement. It requires Being Excellent. So if you can't achieve Excellence in a particular situation, then please let it go. Do not turn these two sub-spheres into PvP every single time you interact. If you want to play the more in-depth PvP aspects, you damn well need to make sure the other people involved are having fun with it too. That's the price of playing in these sub-spheres.

xxxxxNote: If you go around killing and raping and generally causing a fuss in such a way that it becomes impossible to maintain any sort of realism, even a tempered one? That means you're stepping outside the protection of this policy. If you're worried you might be crossing that line, contact a staffer to discuss. This is not carte blanche for criminals to be jerks.