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Inner Peace ••

Prerequisite: Meditative Mind •

Effect: There are no shortcuts to inner peace, but you have found a way to keep an inner peace even while going about your regular life. You may attempt to tap your inner peace as an instant action once per scene. This merit allows you to gain one of the benefits of Meditation in a single instant action roll, as long as the required successes are met. This is distinct from any other meditation attempts.

Roll: Composure + Wits + equipment (as per ordinary meditation).
Action: Instant (successes needed dependant on benefit trying to achieve)
Dramatic Failure: You have disrupted your inner peace. All attempts at meditation automatically fail for the next day.
Failure: You are unable to swiftly tap into your inner peace. Any further attempts to access the benefits of meditation must be done through normal lengthy meditation.
Success: You successfully tap into your inner peace and are now meditating. This may be used for only one of the benefits of meditation, should more than one option be open to your character.
Exceptional Success: No additional benefit beyond what extra successes would grant you.

Meditation Benefits Affected
  • Meditation - Trying to gain the standard benefit to degeneration rolls.
  • Astral Adept - Attempting to reach the Oneiros.
  • Contracts of Punishing Summer: Scorched Earth - Location requirements unchanged.
  • Reborn - Attempts to activate Akashic Record.
  • Taoist Alchemists: Meditating for ritual benefit.
Things not impacted
  • Astral Adept - attempting to get deeper than the Obrimos.
  • Contract of Communion: Sense Element - Requires the character meditate for 10 minutes.
  • Contract of the Four Directions: Finding the Flow - Requires the character meditate for an hour