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When creating a Ghost Ally or Ghost Familiar, please follow the following format!

All ghosts bought with this merit start with one dot in each Attribute (Power, Finesse, Resistance). Ghost Ally's cost will remain the same, being 3, 4, or 5 dots, however, this is the points breakdown for that cost:

  • Ghost Ally 3: 7 points on attributes, three numen, one anchor.
  • Ghost Ally 4: 9 attribute points, four numina, one anchor.
  • Ghost Ally 5: 11 attribute points, five numina, two anchors.

This merit is available to anyone who can see or detect ghosts either naturally due to their template or through another merit or sub-template they may have, such as Mediumist merits or kith/bloodline/lodge/etc.

The first anchor must be your character. The second anchor upon reaching 5 dots can be whatever you want. Remember that a rating 5 Ghost Ally has 14 total attribute points, which makes them firmly Rank 2, almost Rank 3. This means their maximum Essence will be 15.

Remember that if you use bonus points from the Ghost Ally Merit in the Second Sight book, to make a note as to where you spent the Bonus Points and how. Also remember all ghosts product of a Merit such as this are sentient, regardless of their Rank.

You may continue to improve your ghost ally by purchasing additional dots of this merit for the same ghost.