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Throwing (• to ••••; Style) Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••

Your character knows a thing or two about how to throw, and the body mechanics behind throwing. You are able to choose a weapon to launch at people, even if it is only something grabbed from what is on hand and available to you.

Anything and Everything (•): Anything can make a missile, aerodynamic or not. You have trained to be accurate with anything on hand, baseballs to socket wrenches. Roll Wits + Composure with appropriate penalties for darkness or other complications. Success indicates you find something on hand to throw with a damage modifier of 0 and an initiative modifier of -1. The object is considered to have a Structure equivalent to the successes rolled to a maximum of those possessed in the Fighting Style.

Nailed It (••): Your character can adjust for the heft and weight of a throw, turning heavier or poor choice throws into accurate hits. At any time, you can sacrifice points of Defense one-for-one up to a maximum of your dots in Throwing to add to the attack pool of your next throw. This cannot happen if you've already used Defense in the same turn. If you use this maneuver, you may not sacrifice your full Defense for any other reason. For example, you cannot use Nailed It with an all-out attack.

It's Good! (•••): Sometimes your strength and dexterity betray you and you just need to hit that one impossible impossible target. Your mastery of body mechanics and applied knowledge of aerodynamics make for clever throws. Whether you ricochet off the back wall or hit someone down a long dark school hallway with glass from the trophy case, you tend to hit your target regardless of conditions. Instead of striking your target directly you may strike them with collateral objects nearby. You may use It's Good to cause bashing damage with a lethal thrown weapon, ignoring all cover penalties to the roll. If your chosen weapon deals bashing damage, reduce the damage done by one, to a minimum of one. A thrown weapon’s damage rating does not add to the damage you deal in either case.

Ditto (••••): Your character moves quickly enough to throw multiples of the same weapon in a turn to overwhelm opponents with numerous hits, pricks, nicks, and swipes all in the blink of an eye. Sacrifice your character's Defense for the turn to use this maneuver. If the attack roll succeeds, the attack causes one additional point of appropriate damage in addition to the damage rating of the weapon as your character throws two of the same weapon at his victim (such as two knives). If your character also possesses the appropriate Quickdraw he may add additional copies of the same weapon (such as multiple throwing knives), up to his rating in the Throwing merit. In this instance, if the attack roll succeeds, the attack causes up to four additional points of appropriate damage in addition to the damage rating of the weapons as your character throws his copies. If you do not possess enough copies of your thrown weapon you lose one point of damage for each missing copy. (If you only have three knives to throw, you would cause up to only three additional points of damage.)