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Death Shrine (• - •••)

Description: Altars and shrines to the dead are commonplace across the world. Found in homes, churches, grottos some are for rememberance of the dead, like lost family members or places where people had died. Like the lovingly tended to crosses on the sides of the road. Others are for the veneration of gods and/or goddesses of death like Santa Muerte. Prayers, offerings and even sacrifices are given to these altars. While some of these altars are merely superficial, some actually hold real power and connection to the dead.


  • Anyone: Every dot in this merit grants a +1 equipment bonus in regards to rolls that summon a ghost. This also pertains to social rolls with ghosts. The aura of death putting spirits in a state of calm as they come to see what offerings were given. Shots of rum, cigars, incense, candles, candies, sugar skulls, etc.
  • Sin-Eaters: Every dot purchased in this merit also grants the Sin-Eater a +1 to Ceremony rolls. This stacks with appropriate Ceremonies bonus with Keystones and the +1 that Death Masks grant to Ceremonies.
  • Ghosts: Ghosts that are capable of visiting a Shrine may regain 1 WP per lunar cycle or up to Merit Rating x 2 worth of Essence, one or the other. Ghosts also enjoy a +1 to Manifestation rolls.

Drawback: The Shrine is not easy to cover up. The higher the merit, the larger it is. 1-dot could be a cross on the side of the road where a family member hit a tree. A wall in a home with several photos of dead relatives along with a glass of whiskey that is filled up every day in their honor would be worth 2-dots. A 3-dot version is akin to the outpouring of grief and offerings to victims of major calamities like floods and terrorist attacks. Further, the altar must be tended to, candles need to be replaced, incense burned. It is not a 'set it and forget it' thing. It can be destroyed as well if not built in a secured location. Typically this means Resources 1 would be needed for upkeep, possibly. The Shrine is also not mobile and is linked to a specific place such as a Haven, Haunt, Hollow, or a place indicated within the Safe Place merit. It also can be used in Lairs.