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Brain Dead ••• (Prerequisites: Celebrant Archetype, Resolve or Composure 3)

Reckless Celebrants whose main focus is the 'joie de vivre' need extra help protecting themselves against ghosts and geists with various types of mind control. By spending a point of Willpower and three Plasm, a Celebrant can completely ward off the effects of Harrow, Compulsion and other similar mind-affecting powers. This is a Reflexive action.

For the powers of other supernatural creatures (such as Vampires with Dominate or Majesty or Changelings with the Fleeting Contracts), this merit allows the Sin-Eater to double their Psyche when defending against mind-affecting powers, rather than just Psyche (if the Discipline, Gift, Contract, etc. allows for a power stat to be added to defend against it).