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Blind Fighting (• to ••••)

Prerequisites: Wits 3, Fast Reflexes 2

The character is trained in fighting in low-visibility or no visibility, such as in total darkness or while blinded (or because they are, in fact, blind).

When engaged in close quarters combat (up to 30 years) the character may ignore penalties equal to their rating in this Merit while In situations where the character would take a penalty to their attack roll based on visibility (such as in poor lighting, fog, etc).

Characters fighting in complete darkness (including those who are entirely blind) first need to make an Instant Wits + Composure check to locate their target each turn, as per the rules depicted in World of Darkness p. 166. If they are successful, they may attack using those same rules, but reduce penalties to the attack equal to their rating in this Merit.

This Merit only applies to the actual attack rolls, not the perception rolls to detect their opponent, save for the fourth dot of this Merit, which allows the character to make the perception roll to locate the opponent Reflexive.

For penalty reduction in perception roll, use the Trained Observer Merit. It is up to the Storyteller whether or not /rote gained from Trained Observer 3 applies to this roll, though it is strongly recommended it not apply.