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Universal Application Standards

  • Please be sure to have a passing familiarity with the World of Darkness Core rules and with the Splat that you wish to play. You should have access to at least the Corebook of the Sphere you're playing and the Corebook.
  • No PCs under the age of 18, or appearing/acting as minors are permitted.
  • No more than a single one in Attributes (after starting XP has been spent).
  • Some spheres have standards regarding how old a PC must be upon Becoming their super type - please check with your TL before applying.
  • All characters must have an @desc set; if they have some other type of desc (such as faedesc) that must also be set.
  • PK Rule - For one month after a character's approval from Chargen, they are not allowed to instigate or join in on a PK scene. ANY action taken directly or indirectly by a third party to instigate a fight that leads to a PK situation will be actionable. The only exception to this ruling that will be acceptable is pure self-defense. If attacked, a character may respond by defending themselves. All other situations involving 'early' PK will be met with a Retcon of the scene in question and a ban for the player.