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+Glance Command


This command will bring up the ‘glance’ info for the room you are in.

Attributes Used:

&haircolor me=
&eyecolor me=
&skin me=
&height me=
&weight me=
&appage me=
&glance_notes me=

The above lets you set the features for +glance. ‘Glance_Notes’ is meant for anything that isn’t listed above or that autopulls.

Currently autopulled features: Mundane merits that would be noticeable at a glance. Template eeriness for Nosferatu and Promethean.

List of Autopulled Merits: striking_voice striking_looks hypnotic_voice giant small-framed armor_of_scars one_eye deformity crippled doll_face fame famous_face aloof dwarf hungry_eyes speech_impediment inspiring ingratiating_wanderer lunatic_glare otherworldly_eyes predator’s_gaze predator’s_bearing seductive_grace sexualized siren_song unobtrusive unobtrusiveness unyielding_mask anonymity animal_magnetism