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“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

Edgar Allan Poe


xxxxxBorn Franklin Langley Eustace to parents Emily and Franklin Sr., Franklin spent his early years in Manhattan. At age 6, he was sent to Christchapel, an all-boys boarding school in upstate New York, where he would stay until high school age, when he was transferred to St. Michael's. During his schooling, teachers would describe Franklin as 'Intelligent, possibly brilliant, but too quiet to know for sure'. After graduating with honors, he would attend Oxford University, studying English Literature, for which he would receive his PhD.
xxxxxOn June 3rd, 2001 Franklin Sr. and Emily Eustace died in an automobile accident. Franklin Jr. attended the funeral, but he did not stay in America beyond that.
xxxxxPost-graduation, Franklin toured Europe and coastal America for three years before settling back in to Manhattan. It was at this time that he began publishing novels. On September 12th, 2006 The Twisted Cage, an occult horror novel was published, and quickly became a bestseller. Over the next several years, Franklin would publish twelve total books. Of these, The Twisted Cage, A Murder Of Crows, Reddest Dusk, and Seventh Night have all received movie adaptations, the latter releasing in 2015 to critical acclaim.
xxxxxOn April 3rd, 2010, Franklin attempted suicide. The details of the attempt were kept from public record, but the doctors who saved him describe the recovery as 'Nothing short of a miracle'. He would spend six months in a state mental hospital for clinical depression.
xxxxxRecently, Franklin has moved to the city of Fallcoast, Maine. His social media profile mentioned he was 'getting out of New York for a while' without mentioning where he was going, and that 'I want to get back to writing the stories you all love'.

RP Hooks

  • Sin-Eater: Fact of is that Franklin's suicide was a success. He's now one of the Silent. He's not really new, but Fallcoast will doubtless be full of new experiences. And new dead.

  • Hedonist: Franklin loves a good party. Maybe more than other folk. Probably not as much as a Skinner, but who does?

  • Advocate: Absolutely a people-pleaser. And a ghost-pleaser. Come to him with a problem, he'll probably want to help with it.

  • Building a network: Franklin is in the business of doing business, and more to the point, he's in the business of making connections. If you have influence, it doesn't matter if you're a friend in high places or a friend in low places, Franklin wants to be your friend.

  • Novelist: Franklin's current titles are, in order, The Twisted Cage, Blind Date, Alive, Perhaps, Purgatorio, Hate Mail, Ivory Mask, A Murder of Crows, Reddest Dusk, Smoke, My Least Favorite Son, Red Letter Day, and Seventh Night. He's an eight-time bestseller, and has a strong following throughout America.

Novel Plot Summaries

The Twisted Cage: A psychic that can enter dreams has been tasked with entering the mind of a comatose patient to find out their last wishes before the patient is removed from life support. A bestseller with striking and disturbing imagery. The movie version was an amazing success because of how it played with impossible spaces, though some viewers complained of motion sickness.
Blind Date: A professional dominatrix takes a session too far, killing one of her clients. She gets a taste for killing and becomes a serial killer, devising more and more complicated and sexualized rituals to end the lives of subs.
Alive, Perhaps: A man gets access to a device which allows him to alter recent events in the past by posing 'What if' questions.
Purgatorio: A young woman takes a spiritual journey, using what she refers to as 'the Between places' to step outside the bounds of reality.
Hate Mail:
Ivory Mask: An up-and-coming businessman attends what he believes to be a wellness retreat only to discover it's actually some kind of strange cult. As he's trapped there, his own personality and memories begin to fade... Features depictions of rape and anonymous sex.
A Murder of Crows:
Reddest Dusk:
My Least Favorite Son:
Red Letter Day:
Seventh Night:

Cobalt Rasender
Frontman for the metal band Mired, raging hate-machine, fellow Silent. Drinking buddy who's got Franklin's back.
Dante Alameida
Funeral director at the Dove Family Funeral Home. A valueable source of knowledge, and an asset. Still, best to be wary of him...
July Cavanaugh
Translator, world traveler, sophisticated bookworm. She might be blind, but that hasn't affected her much. Plus she has an adorable dog. Franklin's ladyfriend, though the relationship is presently open.
Tattooist at Forbidden Arts. A good kid, as far as drug-dealing gangbangers go. And a damn good hand with a tattoo gun.
Street kid. A sweet, darling girl, and far too pure for this world. If Franklin has paternal instincts, she triggers them.
Idina Morris and Matthew
A sweet young couple. Smart kids, but they've been through a lot. Franklin wants to teach them what he can.


What's That Sound?

Vissi D'Arte(I lived for my art), from Puccini's Tosca

Vissi d'arte, Vissi d'amore/I lived for my art, I lived for love

Alcohol, by the Barenaked Ladies

Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself
Oh Alcohol, I still drink to your health

Full Name: Franklin Eustace
Apparent Age: 35
Birthdate May 24, 1981
Occupation: Novelist
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Lust
Geist: The Woman In Smoke
Krewe: Nope, not yet

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