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FrankieAllen Crowframe.png

Played By: Liz Gillies
Date of Birth: July 26, 1993
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Barista
Private Investigator
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath
Threshold: Torn
Archetype: Reaper
Geist: Murder of Crows
Krewe: Society of Crows


Radical Face - Winter is Coming

I see the winter
She's crawling up the lawn
I feel her breathing
Beneath my palms
She tears the trees down
While curses roll from her tongue
Got eyes like anvils
And storms for lungs

Frankie Allen


Her full name is Frances Margaret Allen, but you'd have to be her father to call her that and you'd have to be really, really angry. Frankie works the rest of the time. She showed up in November 2015. Ill-tempered, she mostly keeps to herself unless either of her jobs demand it (Sin-Eater and coffee slave, respectively).

Frankie generally doesn't care about anyone's state of relaxation.

RP Hooks
Sin-Eater: Frances Allen died sometime in early 2015. Now she's Frankie.
Ghosts: Sin-Eaters get to deal with ghosts. It's kind of their métier.
Supernatural Esteem: Frankie's also developed a reputation with ghosts as someone who will help, and they expect her to help. At least they are also more likely to be helpful.
Underworld: Frankie is a Mythologist familiar with Underworld lore and has specialized in Underworld survival skills.
Mors Philosophus: Frankie somehow defaulted into this position due to her researching the shit out of historical things. She is less keen on taking note of everyone's names, much less their stories.
Delver: Delvers are kind of like Underworld rangers.
Psychopomp: One of Frankie's obligations is to be a guide in the Underworld.
FrankieAllen Norbert Closeup.png
Ghost Crow: Speaking of psychopomps, Frankie made a deal with a psychopomp in the form of a crow over in the Killing Fields. Given her particular Geist and the obligations Frankie must fulfill for said Geist, the ghost crow is an ally and co-worker of sorts. The crow seems to answer to 'Norbert'. Animal ghosts aren't really a thing that happen, unless they are psychopomps, and psychopomps don't typically follow one person around - so Norbert is a pretty weird case. Or a rare bird, if you like. Norbert is not a pet.
Gumboot: Frankie usually winds up investigating strange goings-on relating to the Bound. Research, B&E, Finding ceremonies, and chatting up ghosts are just some of the ways she goes about her work. Sometimes she has information to share. Curious about something going on? Talk to Frankie. Let's see if we can loop you in.
Actual Private Investigator: Frankie, due to saving up, taking night school courses and putting in time, actually has a private investigator's licence. This means access to some databases and stuff. She doesn't really advertise to regular folks, but if you need a Twilight Network PI, she can be it.
FITE: Frankie has an active interest in all things martial: PT, guns, knives. Better, faster, stronger.
Archery: Because it's nice to know how to use a ranged weapon that won't crumble into dust in the Underworld.
Swords: ...same, except not ranged. Frankie is rarely seen with a bow, and even more rarely with a sword.
Punching: Punching is her favourite.
Tea: Frankie likes tea, not coffee. Tea shops would be one place to find her.
Coffee: But then, she works at a café. The Daily Grind is run by an old friend of her mother's who was kind enough to give Frankie a job despite Frankie's eternally cranky nature. This was perhaps not a wise move.
Smoothies: Smoothies make a savage Frankie happier. She is a frequent visitor to Juice Monkey.
Parkour: Frankie decided this would be a good thing for a Delver to practice, but blame Warren. Since she's just learning the basics, she doesn't do it outdoors too often yet. Instead, she practices at Ninja Project, the name of which she hates.
University of South Carolina: Frances was there but now she isn't.

FrankieAllen BW Crow on a Branch Kawanake Kyosai.png
Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows, also known as just ‘Crow’, is a concept with deep roots in mythology: Morrigan, the goddess of war and death in Irish mythology. A giant and king in Welsh mythology had a name meaning crow - Bran the Blessed, associated with corvids and death, whose head is supposedly buried under the Tower of London, home to many ravens. For the Cornish, magpies in particular were associated with death and the underworld due to their black and white colouring. In other cultures, ravens are said to possess the ghosts of murdered men or are associated with the origin of death. Crows are viewed as omens. Crows are intelligent, and considered tricksters in some cultures. Crows are guides to the Underworld, and Murder has no qualms about helping someone along the path there, because Murder knows there are those who don’t deserve to live, and sometimes, it takes a victim to restore the balance: in this case, Frances. Murder is omen and judgment. Murder is very, very old, and if Murder was once a person, Murder is a crow now.

Murder of Crows appears as a group of corvids - crows, ravens, something in between - that talks through multiple mouths (or beaks, in this case), sentence fragments that fall off and are continued by a different crow. Sometimes, perhaps for clarity, it will be a single crow.

Bone Compass

The case is made of polished bone. The cover is crystal. It carries the weight of ages, seeming old. The compass needle is a tiny black crow feather. This particular compass requires patience: it spins and spins and spins until it settles, like it takes time to truly pinpoint north, but it can do so even in the Underworld. A compass has two meanings.

The first, literal: it provides direction, aids in survival. A crow is associated with being a guide in the underworld, home of ghosts. Survival can require subtlety, stillness.

The second, metaphorical: a moral compass. Judging right from wrong. Moral direction. Just the thing for a reaper, an executioner. Association with blood - bad blood, bad in the blood.


Frances Allen, also known as 'Frankie', is a dark-haired young woman of 5'7" in height when flat-footed. She is usually not flat-footed, favouring as she does black combat boots. Frankie's well-defined eyebrows arch over blue-green eyes and are often drawn downward in a scowl. She is more prone to scowls than smiles by a long shot. Her complexion is pale and she's not wearing a speck of makeup, but that doesn't really matter. There is no hiding her classic beauty, though she's sure as hell not gonna accentuate it. Frankie seems young enough that she might still get carded now and again.

Frankie dresses rather simply. Black pants, either leggings or jeans are a staple, as are steel-toed boots or sneakers, and any combination of t-shirt, long-sleeve, and/or hoodie. The majority of her wardrobe is black or gray. Her frame is sturdy; some of it is muscle, and some of it isn't.

When Frankie speaks, her voice is low, rich, and sultry. Frankie has a bad case of resting bitchface.

Aurore: Ally. Scholar, researcher, and occult expert, Frankie appreciates Aurore's help. Fellow tea drinker.
Isrieal: Very definitely not one of us, and unlikely to ever be forgiven.
Ting: Still weird, but stands up for herself now.
Warren: Frankie doesn't like anyone, so that means Warren doesn't exist. Sorry, Warren.


Damian: Detective failure.
Darius: Stereotypical gangster that might not be all stereotype. We all got a second chance.
David: Forgot how tall he is.
Deckard: Back, but different.
Kilo: All the best going forward, chica! Enjoy freedom. Frankie's tattoo artist of choice.
Kylee: Another PI, though it's her day job. An accent that occasionally borders on incomprehensible.
Molly: Ceremonialist and dive instructor. Ally.
Nicole: Gone for a while, but back again. Vastly Celebrant. Krewemate.
Rictus: Takes this seriously and eager to learn; Frankie is willing to teach.
Roy: Barrister. Krewemate. Source of wisdom and guidance (to a point).
Sabo: Another Reaper. Could use help maintaining ties to the mortal world.
Vandal: Young, highly affable, and not very smart.


Blanche: Not sure what to make of her. Sees ghosts, travels the Underworld, isn't one of the Bound. Seems useful.
Boucher: He settled in fast as an Underworld guide; kind of impressive, that. Hopefully he didn't get lost.
Citlalmina: Useful, and not cheery as fuck. Finally.
Freddy: Clever, if reckless. Sorry about your dog.
Hoax: Bye, Felicia.
Idina: We have more in common than you know.
Kara: Couldn't save her.
Matthew: Ugh. Yes, I have hobbies.
Rasender: Nice shoulder pads, tough guy.
Rory: It's always good to know a mechanic.

Frankie Allen dailygrind logo.png
The Daily Grind and 'Aunt Ruby'

Frankie doesn't have the resources to own The Daily Grind; Frankie's 'Aunt Ruby' is a retainer. Want to work there? Contact Frankie. Fortunately, Frankie will not be your PC's boss, nor will she have any say in who gets hired. That's all Ruby, and that's for the best, considering Frankie is not a 'people person'. Frankie is kind of the opposite of a people person.