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Full Name Francisco 'Cisco' Rafael Luis Villegas
Apparent Age Late Thirties
Virtue Faith
Vice Pride
Occupation Catholic Priest
Sphere Hunter
Conspiracy Malleus Maleficarum
Faction Order of St. Longinus
Cell Unknown
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'10"

Noteworthy Attributes
Resolve 
Presence 
Composure 

Notable Skills
Occult 
Academics 
Persuasion 

Significant Merits
Professional Training: Religious Leader 
Library (Demons) 
Conspiracy Status 

Academics Religious Studies
Occult Exorcisms
Occult Demonology
Persuasion Sermons


 Oh Fortuna - Carl Orff
 Lacrimosa - Mozart

Father Francisco Villegas

Snapshot Observations

Francisco Rafael Luis Villegas, known better as Cisco to friends and family, was born and raised in Fallcoast as the eldest of two boys to a pair of Mexican immigrants. He and his brother, Alejandro were forever working odd menial jobs around town during their teen years in order to help assist their parents with the bills. In High School, Cisco was a frequent medalist on the track team as a hurdler and an honor roll student. Upon graduation, he left for Georgetown University on a full Academic scholarship. Many were surprised when he chose to take up the cloth, though some whispered it likely had to do with the death of his long-time love halfway through his freshman year of college. Since then, he has been a prominent member of the Malleus Maleficarum and well-traveled. He is known to be conversationally fluent in several languages and a scholar on demonology. Recently appointed as a Priest in residence at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Father Cisco seems to have a knack for providing a comforting shoulder and entertaining sermons to any in need.



This man stands at around 5'10" in height and appears to be of a medium build. The dark olive pigmentation of his skin clearly marks him as someone of Latino descent which is further supported by the faint accent coloring his speech. His features are strong and masculine with a square jaw, frequently covered by a five o'clock shadow, and full lips. Dark brown eyes, nearly black in color, watch his surroundings beneath a shield of thick black brows. His nose appears to be slightly crooken, as if broken once or twice. Thick black hair is worn short and neatly trimmed with a little more on top that tends to rest in natural curls and waves. Upon closer inspection a few silver strands appear to be slowly manifesting as an indication of the man's age - marking him somewhere within his late 30s.

It is rare for this man to be seen in anything other than the clothing of his priestly profession. His black shirt is carefully buttoned and pressed, tucked into a pair of equally pressed black slacks and offset by a simple black leather belt. The collar is a high-mandarin cut and hosts a detachable white tab that rests in place indicating the man to be an ordained member of the clergy. A pair of simple black socks cover his feet which are then secured within a pair of solid black scuffed shoes.
Far from flashy, this man wears a single golden cross around his neck and old beat-up golden watch upon his right wrist.


RP Hooks

Hometown Boy - Cisco was born and raised in Fallcoast, graduating from Fallcoast High School in 1996. He was a former hurdler with the track team. Always on the lookout for background ties from his earlier years.
Religious Counsel - Cisco is one of the priests in residence at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church. As such, his door is always open to offer religious, spiritual, or just everyday counsel to those in need.
Seasoned Exorcist - Cisco is imbued with the knowledge of the rite of exorcism and has engaged in it more than a few times over the past decade. Having demon problems or fear a loved one is possessed? Father Cisco may just be your man.
Malleus Maleficarum Freelancer - Father Cisco has been a hunter within the Malleus Maleficarum for over a decade. In that time he has never really settled in and joined a cell, but worked with numerous other cells as an attache to assist with their issues. Though he has not been an official member of a cell so far in his career, he is not opposed to joining one should the opportunity arise.


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