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Father Firefly
Full Name: Firefly Hawthorne
Template: Hunter
Occupation: Community/Religious Leader
Date of Birth: Dec 24th, 1990
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Compact: Long Night
Faction: Merciful
Cell: None

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." - Max Muller

To Come...


This athletic and nicely muscled man stands a solidly built 6'2". He is a bit of a wild man, with a beard and long, thick blonde hair. His hair tumbles past his shoulders, framing a tanned and handsome face. He has piercing blue eyes and an easy smile with smile lines at the corners of his eyes. He looks like he is probably somewhere in his mid-twenties.

His nicely toned body is tanned as well, and usually clothed in simple, easy clothing with a slight hippy bent. Comfortable shirts with hemp and beaded bracelets. Calloused, well-used hands. Necklaces with various symbols. Shorts when he can get away with it, and jeans when not. When he can't go barefoot he wears hiking boots.

<<Inspiring Merit>>


  • Commune : He is the leader of the New Dawn Community, which settled in Fallcoast in August of 2017. The group consisted of about twenty people at the time. They bought some land and began getting to work. They grow crops (Along with legally growing large quantities of marijuana to sell, and POSSIBLY less legal hallucinogens), and they raise their own animals for both milk, selling and meat. They are a peaceful, loving cult of the Christian Left, who donate time and money to fighting for equal rights, social justice, and similar. They drink, smoke weed and such, but are not indulgent to an extreme, and while they believe celebration is important, they know not to venture into addiction. One is from God, the other Satan. Currently seeking PC members : +bb 10/55

  • Long Night : Many members of the New Dawn are also members of the Long Night hunter compact. Specifically, they belong to the Merciful faction, who want to save everyone, including monsters. They push for positive relationships with some Supernaturals, while working to convert them and stop them from doing monstrous things. Those who refuse and cannot be saved are...removed. (We do not PK. There are thematic reasons for not killing the main supernatural types, plus it is OOCly a dick thing to do. We one hundred percent welcome RP with supernaturals.)

  • Inspiring : He is really good at making people believe the best in themselves and the world. Need someone to help you?

  • End of Days : Sure, the Community is friendly and mostly peaceful, and promote a positive, liberal agenda. They are also stockpiling weapons, training eachother, and prepping for the End of Days. They seek signs from God, and believe in it all to a very, very strong point. They will promote peace and love and togetherness until the moment the commune is threatened...and then break out the assault rifles. They don't openly discuss this, generally, but it is part of the Long Night ideals.

"They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it."
—Peter 3:11




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