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You are a child of the universe. No less than the moon and stars. - Buddha

xxxxx One of the Nicks clan, Fi (pronounced Fee), is the sister of Comet and has lived her life in the Nicks Family commune. There she learned all the skills required of a child of the universe - like pottery, singing and growing medicinal herbs.

RP Hooks
  • Nicks Family - One of those dirty, unwashed hippies who are abnormally happy all the time.
  • Horticulturist - She has a green thumb - which is especially helpful when growing the kind of herbs she does.
  • Potty - She can make a pot like no one's business. Actual pots...and vases...and mugs.
  • Singer - She's a hippy, of course she can sing.


The Cool

Cissy - The universe drew me to her so she could show me her world and be a kind and caring friend. Though I have to tell the world she isn't sweet and nice so she can maintain her image.

Doug - Artist. Did a few paintings of me. They're very good!

Gavin - Potential customer for weed. He wanted industrial scale though and I'm more boutique. I'm not sure he knows it's also legal in Maine now.

July - Customer. Blind and such a sweetie. She can speak hundreds of languages!

Phillip - Trying to get us organized. Can Nicks do organized?

The Uncool

The Gone

Adon - Rock and rolling step-cousin. He's been on the road with Blue - how cool is that! A connoisseur of weed who I can try out my new strands on. Back on the road.

Blue - Rock and rolling cousin. He's in the band with Adon. Blue does all the singing - the praising of spirits. It's really quite magical what he can do. A true celebration of the universe. Maybe he's on tour?

Comet - Older sister and role model. She seems to have left.

Dale - Doc who goes running near the commune. Seems nice and he thinks my weed can help with illness. Has stopped running past.

Hope - Hope to catch up with her soon! Or not.

Indigo - Tree Man. Does that make him Lord of the Forest? Has good taste in weed.

Joy - A beacon of light with the voice of an angel. Warm. Caring. Everything a Nicks aspires to be. So sad she left.



Fi Nicks
In game as: Fi
Date of Birth: March 1st 1999
Apparent Age: Late teens
Occupation: Star Child
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Striking Looks: ** Bubbly
Played By: Lauren Hanley

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