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For characters with the Fame merit.

Please add yourself to the appropriate field (or create a field if you need to) and note your number of dots and exactly what your famous for as per your merit descriptor.

Note that though you may have Fame 2 in 'Crochet Designs' that doesn't mean every person in the world knows who you are. There are plenty of people who have no interest in crochet at all no matter how famous you may be in that field. They may think you look familiar but they probably won't scream in excitement at you.

Films and Television (Electronic Media)

Ira Shain - ●● Filmmaker, Actor. Best known for the film Acheron Rising, released in 2014, re-released in 2016.

Midnight - ●● Radio DJ. Has her own talk show - Midnight Caller.

Ambroise Dubois - ●● Host of Fire and Steel on the History Channel

Writers and Artists

Annabelle Westley - ● Painter

Calliope King - ●●● Novelist

Eirene Cavanaugh - ● Photographer and photojournalist - Does a lot of freelance work for Nat Geo, along with other news, magazine, and journal sources. Her work mostly consists of Lifestyle, Street, Nature, and Wildlife photography. And is rumored to dabble in Kirlian photography.

Franklin Eustace - ●● Novelist, known for The Twisted Cage and several other Occult Horror novels. Several movie adaptations of his novels.

Isa Abernathy - ● Writer of the Carole Angel Urban Fantasy/Horror series

Lucian Darke - ● Aspiring local artist, has more of a cult following than mainstream success. Weaves the grotesque, the erotic, the fantastic and the everyday into his paintings.

Prescott Tolliver - ● Food Critic, Writer, Chef, all around gourmand.

John Bellamy - ●●● Horror Writer

Theodore Parker - ●●● Novelist

Singers, Musicians and Theatre

Anthony 'Splash Biggs' Jenkins - ●●● Hip-Hop Artist

Evelynn Coley - ● Musician

Haze - ●●● DJ, Maker of EDM and lover of raves and partying.

June Abernathy - ●● Entertainer

Maeve Lennon - ●●● Dancing Violinist

Cobalt Rasender - ●● Lead singer, songwriter, and bassist for heavy metal band Mired.

Rike 'Rictus' Lehmann - ●●● Singer/songwriter for German-based post-modern industrial band, Eulogy for Apathy, which is heavily steeped in anarchistic ideals. Their popularity is growning in the USA.

Dove 'Diva D' Chambers - ● Singer/Youtube artist

Science and Academia

Ambroise Dubois - ●● Host of Fire and Steel on the History Channel

Faukes - ●● Astronaut from the Ares IV shuttle crash. Miracle from the sky, only survivor. Neurosurgeon in town.

The Internet

Amanda Pierce - ● Paranormal Youtuber. Amanda runs a popular YouTube channel on the paranormal.

Hazel Bleu - ●● Youtuber specializing in videos about pharmaceutical hacks and steampunk costuming.

Leslie Kruden - ● Youtube

Lily Madeleine - ●● Youtube

Lisette Cavanaugh - ●●● Social Media

Mallory Bor - ● Blogger

Nimai - ● Professional Gamer and Streamer, Screen name:Blood Knight.

Vesna - ● Professional Cam Girl

Other (note your field)

Allison Kline - ● Fashion Model

Aurore Abernathy - ● Bikini and Music Video Model

Jacqueline "Jacqui" Wilder - ● Stage/Street Magician

Barnabas - ● Magician

Calliope King - ● Hotel Heiress

Claudia Zabek - ● Model. She might be recognized from the runway, cosmetics commercials, or doing some charity events.

Daiyu Sun - ● Cosplay and fetish model

Eleanor Rose - ● Socialite

Harrison Cavanaugh - ● FPD Veteran

Ianthe Cavanaugh - ● Photogapher

Jill Eaton - ● Wrestler

Jules Porter - ● Creator/programmer, Eldritch Kingdoms game app.

Rachelle Bliss - ●●● Celebrity Chef

Rebecca Royse - ● Eccentric Old Money

Sybil Welch - ●●● Supermodel

Tyler Palucci - ● College Football

Jonathan Wayne - ●● Professional Surfer

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