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“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.”

– Emily Dickinson


xxxxxEvelina Belmonte-Scaccia was born and raised in Boston. Smart as a whip as a child, she managed to graduate high school early and moved on to University before she was 17, where she studied to become a pharmaceutical scientist. After graduating, she was recruited by one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the country, where she worked for several years.

xxxxxThe death of her husband sent her into something of a tail spin, where she fell into heavy drinking. Some say it's out of guilt, while others say it's actually from a broken heart. Either way, she lost her job in Boston and decided to pack up and move to Fallcoast, where many of her husbands relatives reside.


  • Thaumaturge: Evelina learned this as a teenager, something that she was brought into by her aunt.
  • Scaccia: While not directly related, she did marry into the family, which gives her an in.
  • Recreational Drugs: It's rumored that Evelina dabbles in the making of recreational drugs, utilizing her skills as a scientist.
  • Italian: She comes from a large Italian family and speaks it fluently, which is evident from her accent. English might be the preferred language for most, but she grew up only speaking Italian.

Ceremonial Magician

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Name: Evelina Belmonte-Scaccia
DOB: May 18, 1985
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Scientist
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Impetuousness

Type: Thaumaturge
Path: Ceremonial Magician
Family: Scaccia

Notable Stats

Luck Magic: *****
External Alchemy: *****
Relic Creator: *****
Striking Looks (Stunning): **



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