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Apparent Age: Young
Date of Birth: Spring
Occupation: Unemployed
Flavor Lost

  • Out of her Element - Eunseo is in a whole new world. It was jarring to escape in the same place she had been abducted, thousands of miles from home. She has no friends, no family, and no connections. Her wallet is missing. Everything she had is missing.
  • Water - Despite what happened, Eunseo has an innate affection for water and the idea of being around it. The prospect of being too far away from a body of it is a little terrifying for her. She worships deep, murky water and what secrets might be in the deep.
  • Someone that she used to know - E has a home far away where a copy of her most intimate aspects sits and conducts life as usual, completely oblivious to the fact that she is made from bits of fishing line, soy sauce packets, and a mop head. She missed her own graduation and her own wedding.
  • Dark - Sunlight is painful, nearly. The velvety sweet embrace of night time is cozy and fits like a second skin. Though she may glow, she revels in low lighting.
  • Seeking a job - She is basically an illegal immigrant as far as the world knows and has no citizenship from any country.


  • ???? - Fucking loner

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