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“If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, consensual things that make you happy, I can guarantee you they're bad people.”

—Tucker Max,

Who is Eri
Eri is one of those people who doesnt seem to have much shame when it comes to social matters. She greets new people with fancy drinks and overpriced food as she tries to learn about them. She dresses in expensive designer clothes that she probably didnt pay for. So all in all she acts like those rich kids who live off other peoples money...because thats almost what she is.
  • Sage Escort: Eri likes to say shes the local Sage Escort. Really no one gave her that title and shes really not sure who would. In reality she uses this position to help new spring members get used to the area.
  • Fancy Dress Parties: You see quite a few people who look like Eri at parties. Never quite the same but they could be siblings. Always different ages and builds. Wonder why?

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Beauty's Beholder
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Dreams Fulfilled Inc - The Sherman Building
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Independence Day 2017
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The Professor and the State Department
  • (2017.09.24)
The Color of Time - Luna Awakens
  • (2017.12.31)
Firebugs at the Firefly
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The other white meat
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Tunnels Tunnels everywhere
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Name Eri Atsuki
Spring Title She likes to say Sage Escort
Seeming Fairest
Kith Succubus/Mirrorskin
Entitlement Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage
Occupation Party Planner, Dancer and suspected 'Escort'
Height 5 foot 0
Weight 109 pounds
Eye Color Dark Brown/Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Apparent Age 19-25
Virtue Charity
Vice Lust
Concept Party Queen
Discpline Discipline-Nine Inch Nails