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Black Market

Word on the Street

"Psst," the shady character hisses. "You lookin' to buy a couple cartons of Marlboro Lights? Mebbe a new TV? Fell offa truck. I'll give you a good deal."

xxxxxIf you can't find it in a store, and you want to buy it, there's every chance the black market has what you need. From fake ID to drugs to weapons, the law of Supply and Demand is alive and well in Fallcoast. Unless you have something else to trade, you're probably going to pay for it.

xxxxxWorking the black market requires a Manipulation + Streetwise roll as an extended action. Some bonuses can apply, but the every roll counts as 1 day of time spent searching and haggling. Consider all black market purchases to cost at least one dot higher than listed.


xxxxxThere are three different ways to work the black market: have a friend on the inside, find someone in the business, or get involved yourself. The table below is a partial recreation of the table on Armory p194. The Allies/Status column represents the minimum amount of Allies (for your friends) or Status (for yourself) necessary to buy the item. The Black Market column indicates the total number of successes needed on a Black Market roll. And the cost column indicates the increase in cost of the item.

xxxxxThe number of items per month which can be processed through Black Market is equal to either your Black Market status OR Allies. You cannot add together your status and allies for more requests. If you do not have Allies or Status, you may request a maximum of one item per month.

Item Allies/Status Black Market Cost
Handgun 3 Successes -
Shotgun/Rifle 3 Successes -
Shotgun/Rifle, NFA (Illegally Shortened) •• 4 Successes -
Submachine Gun ••• 8 Successes +1
Assault Rifle •••• 12 Successes +1
Machine Gun ••••• 20 Successes +2
Weapon Accessories
Night Vision Optics •• 5 Successes -
Suppressor ••• 8 Successes -
Other Gear
Security Systems •• 4 Successes +1
Body Armor •• 5 Successes +1
Dragon Skin Armor ••• 15 Successes +1
Surveillance Equipment •• 6 Successes -
Illicit Items
Alcohol/Marijuana 4 Successes 1
Mushrooms/Ecstasy/Mescaline •• 5 Successes 2
Cocaine/Heroin ••• 6 Successes 4


xxxxxQuestions Regarding Black Market Status/Allies or Contacts Ask Equipment, Law, or Crime Staff.

I don't have Allies or Status!

Black Market Allies/Status Penalty HR:

xxxxxAs of November 2014, the former Black Market Allies/Status Penalty HR has been revoked. Black Market Allies/Status are required to make black market purchases. If you do not have the necessary status or allies, please try to contact existing players that have them. There's a whole big world of Crime out there, and players eager to help you!

Making contact

xxxxxMaking contact with arms dealers and black marketeers isn't as easy as looking them up on the internet or in the Yellow Pages. It's one thing to buy some weed and another thing to get a crate of grenades.

xxxxxDomestic black marketeers usually move around large quantities of stolen guns with the occasional NFA Class 3 firearm or accessory. Stolen industrial explosives are sometimes available. However, domestic dealers tend to avoid military grade equipment such as assault rifles because the risk is seldom worth the reward.

xxxxxIf you want big hardware, you'll almost certainly need to travel internationally. Gun trafficking on a level that makes assault rifles, grenades, and chemical explosives available seldom occurs in countries with strong law enforcement agencies. Expect to have to travel to central Africa, the Middle East, or the Balkan states to find the weapons. Also note that all three have ongoing military conflicts. Once you've acquired your highly illegal goods, getting it back into the country is going to be a whole new issue. Frequently, these things will require a PrP as justification.