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“Si quieres verme vas a tener que venir
a unos lugares que no puedo describir.”

If you want to see me you're going to have to
come to some places that I can't describe.

Dorian - Los Amigos Que Perdí

xxxxx Enki is everything you'd expect of a middling college student. He gets decent grades, though he's hardly a genius, and spends far too much of his time partying, staying relatively high, and doing exactly the sorts of things parents worry their children do when they leave the nest. A grad student in Occult Studies, he's enrolled at St. John's University, specializing in the tangential symbolism that occurs in the Monomyth.

xxxxx Under the mundane facade, however, another side exists. Enki is a local mage. On paper, he holds a high rank within the Order called the Mysterium. In reality, though, he tends to be pretty hands-off with the Order unless someone directly needs him for something, letting the Curators and Daduchoi handle most of the day to day affairs and actually run things administratively. Among the other Hierophants, he doesn't command much in the way of respect. He's young, and moved up the ranks quickly enough that some suspect he was Given Life — never a good mark on one rising though the Atlantean Mystery to the heights he's achieved. This puts him as something of a Junior Leader, in Awakened Eyes. In Enki's eyes, he's barely a leader at all. While he's there for anyone who needs him, and more than willing to take point in a crisis, he believes in the experience and enlightenment that comes with being free to study the things that truly interest you.

xxxxx Much as the deity from which his namesake is drawn, Enki is capricious without being chaotic and a reliable friend when surrounded by need and want. To that end, he's as likely to visit a distant tomb to grab an important relic as he is to push-start someone's stalled minivan at a gas station. If he was a combo plate, he'd be a heaping helping of Indiana Jones, garnished with Joseph Campbell, served alongside Johnny Depp's mercurial skillset. When he visits someone in their dreams, it's sometimes as a tourist and he's been known to leave more than footprints and take more than photographs. When times are tough, he's either the solution or the cause. You play your hand and take your chances.

Enki's Keywords: Playful, Flirty, Snarky, Nerdy, and potentially more to come.

OOC Note: Enki's player is also the Mage Co-TL, Heka. As such, I tend to try and stay pretty out of the way as much as possible, other than organizational things. If you need me to get involved with either Consilium or Mysterium affairs, please drop me a page beforehand so we can work out how to go about that without me stepping on anyone's toes. Please and thank you!

RP Hooks

There are plenty of things to RP with Enki about. Just because it's not on the list below, doesn't mean that we can't find a reason to RP. If you're curious, just drop me a page and ask if I can come up with some ideas. I really don't mind, I promise! Together, we can find a way.

General Roleplay Hooks

  • Joker: Like the god from whom he takes his name, Enki is all about some laughs and the occasional bout of mischief. Just because he's a Mystagogue doesn't mean he checked his sense of humor at the door.
  • Mage: The big, obvious one. Do you need some magic in your life? Maybe a different perspective on the universe? Enki is your dude.
  • Mysterium: And he's not just any mage. He's one of the really nerdy, bookwormy kinds. The kind that you think of when you think of wizards referencing musty tomes. That's Enki.
  • Thyrsus: Of course, he can also do other cool things, too. Like heal wounds. Who doesn't need a healer in the party?
  • Hedonistic Hippy: And speaking of parties -- just because he's a nerd, doesn't mean he doesn't know how to have a good time. He's still a mage, after all, and he's all about seizing the moment.
  • Student: He's enrolled at St. John's University, a Liberal Arts major. Are you? Do we have classes together? Friends? Rivalries?
  • New Face: If you're an old timer, you'll know that he's not from around here. It kind of stands out.
  • City Boy: Enki's from New York. Are you more nature-oriented? He could probably stand to learn a few things from you. Or maybe you want to know what life in the Big Apple is all about?
  • Dreamspeaker: What's that you said? You had a dream about a guy who looked a lot like Enki? Weird. Maybe it's the universe giving you a sign? Strike up a conversation.

Specific Roleplay Hooks

Enki's a Mysterium mage. Which means he has his hands in a lot of brainy things that could be fun to explore on grid, if you're interested. Here are a few of his favorites.

  • Teratology: Yeah, it's a big word, but what it really means is simple; Enki studies Monsters. Monsters like the creatures that haunt the World of Darkness. Not in the creepy 'scalpel, nurse' kind of way. In the cooler Interview with the Vampire kind of way. Enki wants to hear their story. He wants to know about them in their own words. Would you be interested in sharing what your life is like with someone who is truly interested to know?
  • Sidereology: Enki also studies the Astral Realms. Which means, in short, the minds and dreams of all things capable having minds that can dream. Want him to show up in your dreams? Want him to teach you a thing or two about how dreams and the mind works? Talk to me. We can work on a thing.
  • Thanatology: Enki has recently started studying the Underworld with more seriousness. He's not as great with it as others, but he's learning, bit by bit. Want to trade some info? Feel like showing him the folly of his inquiries? I'm game.
  • Thaumatology: Enki doesn't just do magic. He studies magic. Meaning, he studies magic as a thing unto itself, the philosophy behind it, the mechanics of it. How and why certain things work the way they do. Wanna chat about it sometime?



Enki tends to meet a lot of people, from a lot of different backgrounds. It's just one of those things that happens. But people fade out of lives just as quickly as they fade into them. Below are a few of the associations that Enki is working on currently.

  • Deckard: Beastly - One of the first people I met here, and I'm glad I did. Dude is outgoing, funny, and a blast to be around. He's willing to take as many risks and break as many norms as I am. You can't play for keeps if you never draw blood.
  • [[Lennox|Nox]: Firedancer - Quickly becoming one of the best friends I never knew I didn't have.
  • Nix: Diva - No matter the adventure, you manage to bring a little bit of style to it, while still making sure that it has some substance.
  • Rictus: Firestarter - ...wow. Just... I'll get back to you.
  • Kilo: Cholita - You and I? We're gonna do great things. If we can keep from getting eaten. And stay out of some Filipino prison.


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Colin ibn-Amal Espinosa


Played By: Marlon Teixeira

Apparent Age: Early twenties
Height: 6'2"
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown

Date of Birth: September 02, 1992
Occupation: Wizard. Student. Hippie.
Virtue: Zeus, who guided mortals to be wise, has established his fixed law — wisdom comes through suffering. - Aeschylus
Vice: The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself. — Oscar Wilde

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium
Faction: Egregori
Cabal: None
Legacy: Dreamspeaker