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“With the illusion stripped away, I could see that we were part of an ocean of light. We are light flowing, moving, and transmuting shape similarly to the way that water morphs into steam and ice and snow.” ― Jonathan Talat Phillips

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RP Hooks
  • Skinner - Trailer Trash, even though she appears to be trying to escape that, people know what she is and certain habits die hard.
  • College - What may seem odd to most, this Skinner girl isn't just going to college, she's studying Theology.
  • Mage - Emma is a Mage, Obrimos and Mysterium, dedicated to the path of the Seeker.
  • Curious - Knowledge is valuable, to ignore the opportunity to learn seems almost sacrilegious to Emma.
  • Tarot Emma does Tarot readings to supplement her income.

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To be Done

Emma Skinner
In game as: Emma
Shadow Name: Sophia
Family: Skinner
Date of Birth: 1 May 1995
Apparent Age: 18-22
Height: 5'3"
Occupation: Student/Fortune Teller
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph

To be Done

  • (2015.09.13)
PrP:The Unwearable Ring
  • (2015.10.23)
The Bone That Refused You