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“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”
William H. Gass

OsirisSymbol.jpgxxxxxRefinement Plumbum symbol.jpg

Apparent Age: 40's
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum
Occupation: None

Lineage: Osiris (Nepri)
Refinement: Plumbum (Lead)
Athanor: Unknown

Throng: The Antiquities
Role: Scholar
Creator: Unknown


At a Glance

xxxxxElvis maintains the library and is the resident scholar. She teaches her fellow Created to read and other basic functions that will help them pass as mortal, but her true interest lies in the Promethean condition. Anyone is welcome to come to her for tutoring, but she expects effort and will not tolerate laziness. Generally calm and somewhat remote, her temper, once riled, is said to be monstrous. Players looking for an in-game mentor or teacher for skills or transmutations can choose her with staff approval.

Tricks of the Trade

Tips and ticks for use when emitting Elvis:

  • Lead To Gold - Before one can turn lead into gold, one must first understand what lead is. Those seeking to better understand themselves often seek her out.
  • Statuesque - She's not given to rapid movements and gesticulating. She is calm and precise.
  • The Enigma - Not one to give knowledge, she helps you find it for yourself.
  • Mentoring - If you want to learn something IC, you can ask staff to learn it from her. Staff may play her for you, or you can get another player to with approval.

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A Perfect Circle ~ 3 Libras