Ella Jones

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The Details

A mix of Portland, a dash of Fallcoast, and some questionable decisions.

  • Sphere: Geist
  • Apparent Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Part-time Student, Casual Criminal


A smattering of things to start with.

  • Infamous: An at risk young adult. Her entire family died from carbon monoxide poisoning leaving her as the only survivor. It was hardly accidental. Who stuffed the wood chimney?
  • Thief: On parole but it's hard to make ends meet on welfare.
  • Student: A workplace essentials program at St. John's.
  • Ghosts: Sees ghosts, doesn't believe it.
  • Psyche: Changing through shrinks like underwear.
  • Hitchhiker: Sometimes it's more fun to travel with another.