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Elise Skinner
"When life gives you lemons look for someone whos life if giving them vodka and have a party."

—Ron White

Who is Elise
Elise is one of the many Skinners that are bouncing around the town. Growing up in a trailer park doesnt usually inspire greatness and she kind of lives down to that. Dropping out of college after going to New York she has been acting weird for years now. She doesnt quite know whats wrong with her or why she keeps getting in trouble but she does know its getting worse.
  • Cosplay: Elise was at one point a fairly popular cosplayer. She doesnt have the money for it anymore but she tries to keep it up. She really liked video game cosplay more than anime or manga. Western comics she does like though.
  • Possessed: Elise does not know she is possessed and anyone telling her that she is better have a way to keep her under control since her demon has gone from a whispering fragment to a fairly powerful being. It doesnt see her as a victim so much as a part of itself that it plans to keep.
  • Future: Elise does not operate well on her own and in fact is quite self destructive if left to her own devices. She will most likely end up in a situation that's bad for her if something doesn't change soon.

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Name Elise Skinner
Demon The Voice of Pazuzu
Clutch None
Favorite Food 7/11 Nachos
Occupation Part-Timer
Height 5 foot 0
Weight 95 pounds
Eye Color Blue-Green
Hair Color Red
Apparent Age 19
Virtue Patience
Vice Lust
Concept Possessed?
House of Fun. House of fun, Madness