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Elisa Wagner


Elisa was born in Fallcoast, one of the Wagner clan. She was interested in all things ocean-related from a young age, and when she went to college at 17 she double-majored in oceanography and archaeology. It was shortly after college that she was introduced to the world of the Ferals, when she had her first change and became a dolphin. Still, it didn't hinder her plans, not really, but helped. So much easier to study the ocean as a dolphin, after all! Several years later, she's doing what she loves, and has opened a research center to help further her work.


  • Archaeologist: She double-majored in this and Oceanography, so she can not only study the ocean, but what's on the sea floor!
  • Feral: She's a feral. A dolphin, to be exact! Are you a sea-faring sort? Like dolphins? Have fishes?
  • Oceanographer: Yep, majored in this. She's interested in damn near anything related to the ocean.
  • Wagner: She's part of this family, and has lived in the area for almost 30 years.


Full Name: Elisa Wagner
DOB: 11/3/85
Occupation: Oceanographer/Archaeologist
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Impatience
Species: Olutakami
Accord: Root-Weaver
Band: none


Science: *****
Cleverness: *****
Loyalty: *****
Feral-Heart: *****


Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!


None yet.