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Elijah Townsend

“If we learn our limitations too soon, we never learn our power.”

xxxxx -- Hannibal Lecter

Elijah Townsend was plain white trash from an abusive trailer park home. He was an outcast. A pariah. He even did a stint in juvenile detention in his early teens, and had quite the reputation around Hanging Hills for his temper. He dropped out of school as soon as he could, got his GED, and went to art school, though he quickly dropped out and started taking psychology courses. This started giving him better insight in how to socialize with people, being able to read their behaviors and social cues. He eventually started learning how he could manipulate people. This culminated in a tragic incident where, out of nothing more than morbid curiosity, Elijah nudged a depressed classmate over the edge to committing suicide. It was nothing more than a morbid curiosity.

Afterwards, Elijah started to become obsessed with the psychological implications of good and evil. Was he evil for what he had done? Did the fact that he felt no remorse, but only power, make him evil? He wanted to study the source, and see where the concepts of these things came from. Naturally, this led to the study of social constructs and, of course, religion. Half out of amusement, half out of genuine interest, he began studying demonology, with a particular interest in the tales of the Grigori, Watcher angels that fell from Heaven and taught mankind the secrets of the universe. This was the closest thing he found to a true origin of evil, from a religious standpoint. Knowledge, and through it, power, were what made men evil. But to Elijah, this was backwards thinking. Knowledge and the power it brings elevates man from animal. If this concept of evil were a falsehood, a lie told to oppress and shackle mankind, then, perhaps, evil itself is a lie. There is naught but the will to power.

Of course, Elijah's soul had been hollowing itself out, all this time. Hundreds of thousands of tiny, cavernous wormholes weaved in and out of his soul, like a latticework of caverns. Perfect for a crafty demon to come along and turn into a home. And one had been doing just this, guiding Elijah's obsession, and steering him onto the path of discovering a true, honest to goodness summoning ritual for one of the fallen Grigori. Samyaza came as a friend. Together, Elijah and Samyaza could become a perfect being. Superior to all others. They could become like God. Perfect. Unconquerable. With all the knowledge and power of the world and history at their fingertips. Really, Elijah, still alone in the world, was sold at the moment he saw a chance at a friend.


“The most beautiful quality of a true friendship is to understand and be understood with absolute clarity.”
-- Hannibal Lecter

Full Name: Elijah James Townsend
Concept: Infernal Whisperer
Date of Birth: August 4, 1980
Apparent Age: Early 30's
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride
Played By: John Halls

Sphere: Possessed
Demon: Samyaza
Primary Vice: Superbia (Pride)
Malpraxis: Dominating Vainglory
Clutch: <Currently Seeking>
Roleplay Hooks
  • Psychiatrist

Elijah has completed medical school and is a licensed doctor, as well as a registered psychotherapist.

  • Professor

Elijah has taken on a position at the University as a professor. He teaches Intro to Surgery, Physiotherapy and Massage, Abnormal Psychology, Addiction Studies, and Psychological Testing and Ethics.

  • Local Born

Elijah is a local kid who grew up in Hanging Hills in the 80's. He went away sometime, but came back in the early 90's. Then he vanished again. He had something of a bad reputation, but it seems like he broke good later on in life.

  • Possessed

Elijah has a soul companion riding along as a passenger. They do not always agree, but Elijah never needed demonic intervention to do harm to others.

Notable Stats
Intelligence ●●●●○
Resolve ●●●●○
Strength ●●●●○
Presence ●●●●○
Manipulation ●●●●●
Composure ●●●●●
Superbia ●●●
Acedia ●●●
Avaritia ●●●
Gula ●●●
Invidia ●●●
Ira ●●●
Luxuria ●●●
Medicine ●●●●○
Persuasion ●●●●●
Empathy ●●●●○
Striking Looks ●● (Masculine Ideal)
Striking Voice ●● (Compelling)
Hypnotic Voice ●●●●

Devil Inside, Devil Inside

Every single one of us, the Devil inside

I am the voice inside your head. (And I control you)

I am the lover in your bed. (And I control you)

I am the sex that you provide. (And I control you)

I am the hate you try to hide. (And I control you)

I will find a center in you.

I will chew it up and leave.

I will work to elevate you.

Just enough to bring you down.


      “He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be, and if all else remained, and we were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger. He’s always, always in my mind; not as a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.”
      -- Emily Brontë, "Wuthering Heights"

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