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Elias Andrew Rose

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our Hell.”
– Oscar Wilde

Questing Scorpio. Born 31 October, 1993.
He was a nerd.
When you've Satan in your blood you pray for salvation. Demons tend to hamper the learning process.
The greasiness of pizza makes him feel human.
He's no doctor.
Things go bump in the night.
Among his own kind he speaks of descent from Legion.
Through fire there is purity.
Anathema to be destroyed above all else.

Local. Born in Fallcoast with his sister Elissa.
Class of 2012. He will some times go out of his way to avoid old classmates.
Church-Goer. He regularly attends Sunday service at Faith United Church.
St. John's Dropout. The fire wasn't his fault, though.
Roses' Pizza. The family business is important..
Volunteer Paramedic. But he's saved a few lives.
Hunter. And someone has to stop them.
Lucifuge. One of the demon-blooded.
Reconciliation. Through purity he may be set free.
Zombies. We don't talk about them since the incident.

I pray for your safety, and I thank God for it.

Names Worth Remembering


Shavona Antoinette Burton - I Know I Been Changed
Howard Gospel Choir - Going Up Yonder
Goldfish - Delirium Trigger (Cover)
Ashley Park - The Kingdom of the Universe
Tiny - Closer


I know I've been changed 'cause the angels in heaven done signed my name.
As God gives me grace I'll run the race.
When you're cut short of misery will you pray it be the end?
Oh my Lord here's a just reward
I felt my feet lift off the ground, and my heart was screaming.


No logs found.

“I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.”
– Darynda Jones