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“I love the idea that magic and witchcraft and battles between supernatural creatures could be raging all around us but just out of our sight.”

– Anthony Horowitz


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RP Hooks
  • She takes a few night classes at the local university, maybe someone will catch her on her way from one of those.
  • Roams the streets at night, she doesn't seem to be concerned about any potential dangers.
  • She loves video games and can often end up in stores to buy related accessories or gift cards to help with online purchases.

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ElenaF2.jpg ElenaF3.jpg

Elena Mikhailovna Fortunatov
Apparent Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Lust

Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Yagnatia
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

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