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Full Name: Jess North
Appears As: Element
Apparent Age: 23
Sphere: Mage
Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Moros
Occupation: Photographer
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Mage the awakening.pngOrder silver ladder.pngPath moros.png

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” ~ Anaïs Nin


Banditos ~ The Refreshments
Uh huh
Well, it's just you and me baby
No one else we can trust
We'll say nothin' to no one
No how or we'll bust
Never crack a smile or flinch or cry
For nobody
Uh huh

xxxxxJess North is a young photographer and up and coming mage, but also trying to just carve a place in the world! Also she's a local, but had to spend some time in LA. Did it corrupt her like it does so many?


xxxxxJess is a young woman of early 20s. She has medium length hair that falls to just down to the bottom of her neck. She has sharp and slim features to her face and a soft skin tone that show a touch of sun. Her features suggest an eastern European lineage and she wears very light modest makeup.

xxxxxShe has a slim to average body shape and stands at a nearly petite 5'6". Her faces and body would present one to show she is considered attractive and certainly has been offered a free drink at the bar in her time, but the way she carries herself shows she does not exactly push this sort of aura, only that it comes naturally.

xxxxxDespite her natural appearance, she dresses up in a more casual attire, with a slim jean jacket and tight tee underneath and fitting jeans. The most noticeable part about this young woman is the large professional camera she carries around her neck by a thick strap, ready to be shot at any time it appears.

RP Hooks
  • Mage ~ Jess "Element" North is a mage! She's on her way to up and coming in the mage world, and can do all sorts of neat tricks with Matter and Forces!
  • Photographer ~ Jess is a photographer! Do you need photos for your wedding? Graduation pictures? Facebook? Or just need naked celebrity pics? Jess is your go-to gal!
  • Alchemy ~ Element is working towareds learning Alchemy. Need some salve or pills or powder that can do crazy mage stuff? Hit her up!
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.
  • NAME .. Stuff goes here.

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