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xxxxxEleanor was born August 5th, 1991 to Gregory and Bettine Chadwick. Her family had old money mixed with new. As a Grandfather started a Baby product Company Chadwick and Company. It was just one of the many businesses the family were apart of. As a child her parents were in an accident and killed. Leaving Eleanor in the custody of an Aunt and Uncle though she spent most of her time In Boarding schools and then On to Ivy League college. She was a fairly Smart and driven young lady, her main desire was to take over the family business. Though becoming a mage has placed a bit of a limit onto her goals. But she has goals that wont be limited by her awakening.

She is in Fallcoast her Mentor had mentioned that it would be a good place for her to go. And she is there to scout out a possible branch of Chadwick Company. xxxxx There is a stillness, a cool edge to Eleanor..She is strong, fierce, and very focused on her goals.. Whatever those maybe.. They are the things that take precedence in her life.. Her family is what she makes of it.. her strength of character means so much to her. She holds tight to her formality and social graces.


  • Mage
    Awakened in July of 2015. Has been working on learning more since her Awakening.
  • Business
    Working as a CFO for A portion of the Chadwick Empire. And looking to set up a home office here in Fallcoast. Though not looking to add more to the empire as of yet..
  • Socialite
    A small bit of fame associated with being in Forbes a few times.The occasional photos in Social Media and other things.. She is more casually associated with fame.. And not looking to increase her light unless it benefits her company. You will however catch the Chadwick Heiress at various events through out town. Willing to invest in noble causes if they benefit her agenda or her companies.
Ms.King, She is much more then just simply my friend.. She according to her my bff... *nose crinkle*
Already I can see there is more to Ms.Cavanaugh.. A friend already.
About them.
The Eye is Upon You, Too

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xxxxxxxxxxOrder silver ladder.pngPath mastigos.png
“Deep Inside you there is a roaring fire that is not cooled by comfort or tamed by fear. A fire that burns in all things.”
- Unknown
vital statistics
Full Name: Eleanor Audrey Rose Chadwick
Birthdate: August 5, 1991
Apparent Age: 20's
Occupation: Socialite/Chadwick Co. CEO
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Vanity
Sphere: Mage
Shadowname: Tempest
Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: The Sisterhood of the Blessed.
Cabal: None yet.
“Girls should never be afraid to be Smart.”
~ Emma Watson
Notable Stats
Occult •••
Subterfuge •••
Resolve ••••
“Dont Forget to fall in love with yourself first..”
- Carrie Bradshaw
Academics Financial Law
Empathy Between the Lines
“You can never be overdressed or over educated.”
~ Oscar Wilde

Marina & the Diamonds ~ Can't Pin Me Down

Now I got your back up
What do you not like
Do you think I'm stuck-up
'Cause I'm always picking fights
You might think I'm one thing,
But I am another
You can't call my bluff
Time to back off, motherfucker

La Roux ~ In for the Kill

Now I got your back up
We can fight our desires
But when we start making fires
We get ever so hot
Whether we like it or not
They say we can love who we trust
But what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions
And what are feelings without emotions?