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Wingfolkicon.pngEko LoganWinddancericon.png
"For as the eyes of bats are to the blaze of day, so is the reason in our soul to the things which are by nature most evident of all."

xxxxxEko (pronounced Echo) is a small, thin statured woman with a feminine hourglass frame. She's young, mid-twenties if you had to hazard a guess, though one gets the distinct impression there is a quiet to her soul, betraying a wisdom reaching past the experience of her youth. Though she carries herself confidently and with poise, most often one can find her eyes downcast and even though her voice is silvery and firm, there's always a certain tone of melancholy to it.

xxxxxHer alabaster skin is as smooth as cream, allowing for a perfect canvas for her blackwork tattoos scattered all over her body - dots upon her fingers, an alchemical symbol there - an angelic sigil of protection there. Her long and painstakingly cared for jet hair falls down in smooth, sleek tresses to her elbows. Most often than not pulled up in a haphazard ponytail away from her exquisitely beautiful face. This face is characterized by great round olive green orbs and full lips. Her makeup punctuates these features, her eyes accentuated by dark smoky hues, wreathed by dramatic eyelashes. Her succulent lips painted with one of her thousands of lipsticks to match the outfit of the day - usually, black or scarlet.

xxxxxEko's attire is almost always casual, unless you catch her out on the town, but she favors leather more often than not, wearing it tighter than a second skin. More often than not, it's a unique garment and bears some kind of embroidery or customization though well worn and comfortable - well as much as clothing that tight could be.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Something In Her Smile...
This character has a tell! Let me know if you pass your roll to notice it.
"A character meeting the werebeast for the first time gets a reflexive Wits + Composure roll (-2 dice). A successful roll means she notices the distinguishing characteristic. If she meets him again when he's in an altered form, she gets another Wits + Composure roll to notice the tell again."
Famous Face
Eko was once the singer for a now, tragically defunct, but still very popular Electronic Metal band called Kyropteran. January 2015, the band was in an accident in Munich when the bus was hijacked by a crazed fan and crashed, killing everyone but her. These days if anyone says to her "I'm your biggest fan!" it sends her into PTSD mode. Listen Here
Ever an avid fan of the dark and weird, she can be found in the weird corners of Fallcoast at very weird times.
Mostly Nocturnal
Not a morning person. Bring coffee.
The bat is a symbol of different things to many different peoples across the globe. Personally, she prefers to think of them in the positive - symbols of rebirth, omens, and the like but she can never escape the fact that most people thing of them as dark, creepy terrors of the night. It doesn't help her 'totem' is the vampire bat. Make of that what you will.
I love RP like a crack whore loves crack. But, to be honest I'm a little shy about asking for it. Don't wait for me to page you or ask openly about it. I'm open to crossover!

 xxxxxAllies, Friends, Cohorts, and Co-Conspirators...

No Logs Yet!


Breed/Species Wing-Folk/Vagahuir
Accord: Wind-Dancers
Band: Looking!
Date of Birth/Age: June 16th, 1900/25
Eyes/Hair/Skin: Olive/Jet/Alabaster
Height/Weight/Build: 5'4"/100 lbs./Thin
Virtue/Vice: Fortitude/Envy
Occupation: Rockstar Shaman
Marital Status: Single, Ready To Mingle
Played By: Felice Fawn
Public Effectsxxxxx 
Striking Looks (Dark Beauty): ● ● ○ ○ ○
Striking Voice (Silvery): ● ● ○ ○ ○
Fame: ● ● ○ ○ ○

Scents: Leather, Honey, Vanilla
Cleverness: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Ferocity: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Insight: ● ● ○ ○ ○
Loyalty: ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Passion: ● ○ ○ ○ ○

Tempted by Collide
"I am future, I am past
I am haunted, I am blessed
And I'm filtered through like sun
Until the moment comes undone"

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