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“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
– Oscar Wilde
“Don't be affraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against, not with the wind.”
– Hamilton Mabie

Edmund Huntington
Appears as: Edmund
Played by: Stefano Masciolini
Time zone: CET (GMT+1)

The public
Date of Birth: 7th of August
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Occupation: None
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

The hidden
Shadowname: Ryle
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Consilium Status: *****
Order Status: *****

Mastigos Silver Ladder
Mind Prime Space


The Great Divide - VNV Nation

Deep is the longing in the heart that ever strive
The expanses far and wide that still confine
The simple facts that yet lay waiting to be found
As lost as some forgotten promised land


xxxxxBorn and raised in Fallcoast's Hyacinth Ridge, Edmund is a true local, his family having lived in the area for generations. While not one of the more prominent families, the Huntingtons have been living in Fallcoast for most of it's existence. Edmund's mother married in from a family more well travelled than the Huntingtons and often dragged them on travels. Eventually she would start to bemoan how "provincial" Fallcoast was and start to convince Edmund's father they should leave. Not ready to give up Huntington House, it took until Edmund was old enough to take over the house for her to succeed in her persuasions.

xxxxxWith a mansion for home and a sizeable trust fund to run the house and monthly allowance from his parents, Edmund started to call himself Ed, or Eddie and do whatever the hell he wanted. That included throwing wild parties at the house, partying out on the town to the early morning hours, speeding in expensive sports cars and most other things a young, rich thrillseeker could imagine. Eventually, the young Edmund Huntington totaled a brand new Ford GT at high speed and spent two months in the hospital. After that his worst excesses was toned down. He's still known for his exentric ways and partying into the night every now and then, but even as a new Ford GT is parked in the garage, it has yet to see any use.

RP Hooks

For the sleeping

  • Local rich kid: Born and raised out of Hyacinth Ridge.
  • Thrillseeker: Ed would try most things once. Be it fast cars, climbing or what have you.

For the Wise

  • Mastigos: On the path of scourging.
  • Silver Ladder: For philosophical reasons, not for leadership ambitions.
  • Herald of the Granite Coast Concilium: Ryle was recently named Mastigos Herald after being a part of the Concilium for five years. Maybe not the most public member but he has attended several of it's functions and activities over the years. Need a contact
  • Cabal: Looking to recruit for an existing one or found a new one?
  • Astral: Very interested in internal journeys.
  • Summoning: Very interested in what lies beyond.


The Wise

Chiara: A friend from the past
Duana: A straight Arrow
Freya: A wayward apprentice
Ione: A dreamer and a visionary
Jezebel: A missed companion
Karissa: A student and a close friend
Yamakala: A Thearch, a herald, a master of ghosts and a friend

The sleeping

Daisy: A volunteer gardener
Liza: An enigma




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