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“I cannot muster care in aught,
unless you pay me thus.
I work my art mechanically,
the sublime from syllabus.

And fee, when paid incents my Art
to transmute what they see.
The facts are altered with the Truth;
I lie, alchemically.”

–-- Janus "Dust" Caudron
xxxxx-- "Unsanctioned Allegories and Mercenary Metaphysics"


xxxxx If you were check his identification papers, or root through his mail not marked "occupant", doing so would suggest his name is Janus Cauldron.

xxxxx He's willing to go along with this story if it makes you happy.

xxxxx Not given to flamboyant mannerism or fashion, Mr. Cauldron isn't particularly magnetic in personality or nor is he generally outgoing. After moving into the neighborhood in September of 2015, he didn't go knocking on doors to meet the neighbors or invite them over to eat grilled meats and drink his beer. With 2016 having arrived, it can be reported he did not trick nor treat in October; he didn't host any parties to give thanks, he did not receive carolers or go forth on to wassail. He did not hang lights that needed to be taken down, no tree was recycled from his residence and no fireworks were launched on the 1st. Were it not for the lights on in the house, mostly seen through spillover past drawn curtains, and the actual sightings of him going up or coming down the hill, often on foot, it would be easy to argue no one lived there. Neighbors given to note such things suggest he may be in residence, but they question if anyone actually *lives* there. No pets, no co-inhabitants at his new property, he seems content with the air of detachment and solitude that settles on him like an old coat when he is not deliberately interacting with another human being. Even in a culture given to being stand-offish to newcomers like New Englanders are known to be, Janus Cauldron seems quite retiring.

xxxxx While personally lacking much of a social footprint; he has opened a couple of combination Dry-Cleaning/Coin-Op laundromats, one in Hanging Hills on the East End E02 where he purchased an already existing laundromat and simply refurbished and renamed it; and one in Fall Coast's Commercial District C02, off the main path, but in easy reach of those dwelling in the apartments or employed in the more upscale venues. Those willing to pay bit more from the dry-cleaners, to get a green ticket, have been nothing but satisfied with the "emergency" repairs and stain removal services. Neither site currently takes on alterations, but the advertised "patented" method seems to be able to get any stain out of any fabric. Cauldron's employees describe him as "exacting", "brisk" and "absent" as he leaves most of the day to day operations to them and only takes an interest in spot checks, deposits and green tickets. Customers dealing with him fact to face describe him as professional and discrete.

xxxxx To those more in tune with the "underworld" scene of the region, Janus Cauldron is an outlier -- sometimes seen at a Skinner party or an unsanctioned car race or cage fight and moving comfortably among the criminal element; yet not seeming to have any specific affiliation to any of the established organized criminal groups or the independents. He seems to decline recreational pharmaceuticals, legal or otherwise, but is an advocate of chewing gum, which he is willing to share.

xxxxx A Voter of the Free Council, the Libertine known under the Shadow Name of Dust has held higher positions in the Order at various times in his eight years with the Order (see hooks below). The Libertines of the Assembly's he has spent time in have spoken well in regard to his participation in the efforts of the order, but are disinclined to go into salient details aside from mentioning his interests in the historical and practical applications of Medieval alchemy and using contemporary applications of Techne to revitalize the spark of wonder lost in the pursuit of modern chemistry. In more discrete conversations, comments like "mercenary" and "criminal" sometimes surface in relation to his activities outside of the scope of his work for the Free Council. Attempts to engage him on the topic are likely to migrate into a philosophical discussion about the nature of "Crime" within the Tyrannical order of the Exarchs and whether its more criminal to allow the Seer's acts to go unchallenged than it is to help the subconsciously rebelling sleepers expose the Seers claim of control for the lie it is by getting away with acts of defiance. Due to his field work for the Assembly in Fall Coast, Dust has risen to position of some regard. (Status 2) He still only gets one vote, but when he speaks up on a topic, some weight is given to his words.

RP Hooks
  • Mr. Cauldron offers a singular service through discrete underworld channels -- if you can afford his services, he will sanitize even the most damning crime scene leaving the authorities without a clue to your participation, or, perhaps even if a crime actually occurred -- this includes material evidence, analog evidence and digital evidence.
  • Dust is a skill laboratory technician and has been credited as such in published academic and technical journals and papers by other Libertines and once by a Mystagogue (though in that case it was a paper about Supernal Metallurgy.)
  • Dust is a practicing, practical Alchemist well-versed in the philosophical and practical applications and methodology of the Great Art. Unlike most modern students of the Art of Alchemy, Dust follows the example of the Renaissance Masters and sells miracles to the uninitiated, forgoing the need to explain the metaphysics behind them. His established ability to frame his work in the practicalities of traditional alchemy rather than Supernal trappings has allowed him to commercially distribute to selective clients, even the unawakened without interference from the Guardians of the Veil. Allegedly, he makes no comment on the subject.
  • Dust was mentored by a Moros named Arawn who operates out of an Assembly in Montreal, Canada. If you were there in 2007 and a Libertine, you might know each other.
  • Dust formerly acted as a field investigator while living under several Free Council Assemblies; perhaps you were a member of one or know someone who did. (Chicago, IL (2010); Santa Cruz, CA(2009); Memphis, TN (2007/08)). Most of that work related to documenting Fortean incidents and feeding counter-measures into mundane occult circles being fed misinformation by the Guardians of the Veil.
  • Dust has held the position of Minute Man in two previous Assemblies (Black Hills Assembly based in Rapid City, SD 2010/11) and Lone Star Assembly based in Austin, TX 2013/15). While he resigned the position and left in good standing in both cases; in the matter of Austin, he left after being cleared by the Pentacle Convocation of Texas for having mortally wounded an alleged "Apostate" and crippled two sleepwalker accomplices who had broken into his registered sanctum. While the Free Council suspected the dead mage was actually a Guardian, the memory erasure effects that manifested among the two wounded and captured cohorts could confirm nothing and Dust refused to open his sanctum up for temporal investigation by the Herald sent by the Convocation insisting they take the Libertine investigator's findings or nothing.
  • Dust once held the position of a Citizen Agent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2011/13) but had the status repealed by the Assembly after he classified a group of vampires in the area as servants of the Lie and assassinated several key members of one of the Vampire factions, making the scenes look like an outbreak of gang warfare by magically tampering with the evidence as he went. This in turn set two vampire factions into a protracted month of retaliation and violence that eventually involved police, street gangs, organized crime and two unions. A Strategos had to be appointed to get things back under control. While no internal punishment beyond the stripping of his position of trust followed, he was invited to depart Philadelphia and not return. If you are from there or have friends there, you might know about this story though it was in early 2013.



Dust (Janus Cauldron)
Date of Birth: March 15, 1984
Apparent Age: Early 30's
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Virtue: Everything in moderation...
Vice: ...except the Lucre, of course.

Order: The Free Council
Order Rank: 2
Order Position: Voter
Faction Yesterday's Tomorrows
Path: Moros
Cabal: N/A
Legacy: The Celestial Masters

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