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 About Me

Dorian Wainwright was born in July 1821 to Sir John and Abigail Wainwright in London, England. Sir John was a high-ranking member of the British East India Company, and when Dorian reached manhood, he worked with his father handling various accounts.

In 1847, an acquaintance of Dorian by the name of Sir Andrew Harcourt introduced Dorian to a new life, one where his depravitites in his mortal life was punished with eternal damnation on Earth and he was soon Sanctified.

A Lord in his own right, Dorian has spent his time on Earth amassing wealth and power among mortals while completely embracing his damnation. He might not fully concur with his other Hardliners on everything, but he fully appreciates why he was given this curse.

 RP Hooks
  • Vampire - Dorian is one of the Damned of Fallcoast, though he has recently arrived. He's always looking for new allies or rivals.
  • Ventrue - Are you a Lord? Dorian would like to make your acquaintance.
  • Lancea Sanctum - Dorian is one of the Sanctified and believes that God Damned him to walk the Earth for all time. In need of some spiritual guidance? Perhaps he can give you the good word of Longinus. Mortals beware, some things have been put on Earth because God wants you to remember him!
  • High Society - Wealthy and run in circles with other wealthy people? Dorian's been seen rubbing elbows with other wealthy people in Fallcoast and there are rumors that he's looking to build up a number of business interests in the city.
 Dorian Wainwright
Date of Birth: 7 July 1821
Apparent Age: Mid-20s.
Occupation: Socialite, Businessman
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Faction: Hardliners
Creed: Westminster

Status (Praxis):
Status (Lancea Sanctum):
Status (Ventrue):
Status (High Society):
 RP Logs